Noon, January 20, 2021


I thought I couldn’t feel more relief than when I received all those negative pregnancy tests.

Every time I see that photo, I think it’s Marky Mark.

Brand New Day

I last busted this one out when Bamz was inaugurated in January 2009, a lifetime ago. This is the first day of the rest of our lives, so let’s make the most of it!

Ugh. Taps. They play a recording of that song every evening at dusk on every US base and ship in the country. It’s disturbing for so many reasons.

@¡Andrew!: I’d forgotten how awesome that video is!
ETA: I think I saw that movie in the theater with my father and stepmother. What I remember for certain was wanting to die when they stripped down to their undies. The Fundamentalist Baptist in me said, “Buttocks! Hide the buttocks!”Man, that shame is so deep in me that this time I thought, “Buttocks! Hide the…wait. The buttocks are fine.”

Dear Management,

I’d like to edit my first comment to read, “Thank God that shit show is over. It feels better than a negative pregnancy test ”

God bless,

@JNOV: Management may have some headspace for geeking now that Management isn’t preoccupied with national calamities. I think I added an edit timer (which I can adjust), but this code was sitting in the oven a couple years before I pushed it live, and I have to refresh myself.

@nojo: I appreciate all that you do, especially not listing the numerous times I edit.  I’m trying to think of times in my life I was more relieved. 1. When I moved out of my mom’s house – she couldn’t beat me anymore; 2. When my second ex-husband was taken away by the police – maybe they scared him enough he wouldn’t kill me; 3. When I caught the first bus out of AC/NJ without my Cousin the Cop stopping me and taking me back to my mother’s. 2012Remember when covefe was funny? Remember when we thought maybe he’d grow into the presidency or even quit? We were so innocent.Optimism. I’d lost that shit completely. ¡Andrew! has always kept the faith. I surely didn’t think we’d win the two GA senate seats. Man. Maybe we’ll get some shit done and undone.

Diana Ross is Tha Qween, full stop.

It still doesn’t feel real that the ~5 year-long racist terrorist attack is finally over. Maybe tomorrow?

Turn Tr666p over to the Ru$$ian mob immediately. He and the zillions of rubles he owes are their problem now anyway.

“Do you know vaht vee do in Russia vehn you don’t pay, dahleen?”

@¡Andrew!: FCS (which are also the initials of a school I went to), knows what’s up with his Eastern European debts. Maybe Azerbaijan? Then there’s that money-laundering property in Panama. IDK. I hope the grifter family goes to jail. All of the people he pardoned yesterday have no incentive to lift a finger to help.

@¡Andrew!: Dude down the street removed the Trump sign from his garage. Progress!

Really, Lily-white Portland? Really? We need to put benzos in the water supply.

BON JOVI AT THE SHORE! BON JOVI AT THE SHORE! I don’t even like Bon Jovi, but I sure as shit like the Shore.

Twitter today: Joy and Bernie memes. No Trump. Feels like old times.

FB today: Got into a tussle with a couple assholes on a Florida acquaintance’s post, but that was just to amuse myself while I was marking time this morning. Now that they don’t have the weight of the United States government behind, I plan to let them stew in their own bitterness.

So much of the past four years was clinging to sanity, seeing the truth that others would deny. Not that I’m relieved of duty to my conscience moving forward, but at least it won’t feel like shit in a wind tunnel.

Quop Qlux Qlan sad today cuz they ain’t got shit and they are shit.


/random inauguration observations/

—Jill Biden looks just like Linda Evans.
—I enjoyed Garth Brooks’ performance the most (???).
—Tom Hanks, America’s dad, looks like heez freezing hiz nads off.

They really should stop with that annoying “peaceful transfer of power” bullshit, unless they’re gonna add “until now.”

Today I didn’t awaken with a start.

I’m still having some panic attacks, though. Today was tough for some reason. The past two nights have been hard, as well. I sleep two hours, and then I’m awake. Maybe I’ll sleep another two hours, and I’m awake! I haven’t been yelling in my sleep recently. Progress! I went full-blown PTSD the past four years. Full-blown as in missing three weeks of work in a row, two weeks, another two weeks, as in but for FMLA, I’d be homeless again.  @¡Andrew!: Remember where we were four years ago today?

@JNOV: I know where you were, because this popped up in my FB memories:

Not sure what to say about it now. Can’t summon the necessary depth. What was it, a week later everyone was rushing to airports to deal with Stephen Miller’s opening atrocity?


As scary as that time was, the Womxn’s Marches were incredible and inspiring.

/the Onion/

Inaugural Address Spills Over Into Second Day As Biden Continues To List Greatest Issues Facing Nation  WASHINGTON—Carrying on breathlessly with no sign of soon stopping, President Joe Biden’s inaugural address spilled over into the second day Thursday as he continued to list the greatest issues facing the nation. “Child poverty, crumbling infrastructure, cyber warfare, wildfires, opioids, domestic violence, hunger, and homelessness plague our nation—not to mention sex trafficking, automation, hurricanes, obesity, and misinformation,” said Biden, who clutched the podium with both hands in exhaustion as his speech to the nation stretched into its 26th hour, continuing to list immigration, unemployment, offshoring, guns, the wage gap, and water contamination as just a few of thousands of challenges waiting on the road ahead.  “Gerrymandering, the decline of manufacturing, sexual harassment, and food deserts. Chlamydia, the cost of insulin, water privatization, credit card debt, dog fighting, and teen drinking. High murder rates on indigenous reservations and rising sea levels and smog. Low teacher salaries, E. coli, data breaches, voter suppression, animal testing, and PTSD. Plus, you can’t forget the student loan crisis, lobster overfishing, the structural inequalities of the Senate, home foreclosures, the loneliness epidemic, toddler drowning deaths, cyberbullying, and suicide.” At press time, Biden had continued rattling off gang violence, robocalling, and asthma as EMTs transported the dehydrated president into an ambulance.

When Shelley Oh! and The Unicorn sashayed out looking like their bad ass selves, I burst into ugly sobs that continued through all of it. The coats! Gaga! JLo! Kamala & Sonia & Thurgood’s Bible! Uncle Joe taking the oath!

And then I felt completely and drained, like four years’ worth of adrenaline had just left my body.

@ SFL,

I can’t wait for Jill Biden and Alexis Carrington to get into a knock down drag out cat fight. Teeth and claws!

Biden returned my draft of his inaugural speech. He underlined the part about ‘And when I see the orange fuck, I’m going to give him a haircut with a 6 lb sledge hammer.’ But he didn’t use it.

“We have to seek unity with the treasonous, ‘Heil $hitler’ screaming psychofascist Republinazis that want to overthrow democracy, mass murder us all, and install a totalitarian kleptocracy, or else they’ll get reeeeeeally mad and overthrow democracy, mass murder us all, and install a totalitarian kleptocracy.” I don’t think Biden has thought this all the way through.

“Unity” is just bullyspeak for “STOP PUNCHING MEEEEE!”

I admit I fell for it because I was a naive kid, got hit again then I learned.

If the GOPers continue to act like traitors then treat them like traitors.

@nojo: Yup! How many times are they going to poison Alexei Navaly? He’ll be the only human standing after we kill the Earth.

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