Welcome to the UNITED STATES OF PURE! FUCKING! EVIL! TRUMP! Proves That ALL CRIME Is SACRAMENT! When You Can Bribe the Jury!

Post-Unpeachment, it is clear that the RULE! OF! LAW! is a an antiquated relic that has no business in AMERICA!, the land where raw power and access to capital matters and principles that can’t pay for themselves walk and take a ticket and wait to be raped, murdered and eaten alive like all the rest of the losers.

HA! HAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! STUPID! FUCKING! CUNTS! Did you really think you had what it takes to stay the MARCH! OF THE EVIL ONE! from ULTIMATE TRIUMPH! over your precious, irrelevant and fantastic little ideals? America, the beautiful! And Justice for all. HA! HAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

SUCK! SATAN!’S COCK!, AMERICA! You’re just another nation of random perfidy like everyone else! HA! HAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Finally, Oh, God! THIS! IS! GOOD!, our LORD! GOD! SATAN! can take this rule of law thing, this madness of fairness and reason and throw it over the bumper of a stolen car and ass rape it until its prolapsed rectum is dragging on the ground like a wet, soggy tail. HA! HAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Like the precious little self-important monkeys you are! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sure, TRUMP! conspired to get rid of the hateful cur Biden and extorted a nation under existential threat, and everyone knows that Biden is lucky Satan’s little helper didn’t just tell Rudy to hire a couple of snipers to take him the fuck out. Sure, TRUMP! ordered all kinds of vile abuse to be heaped upon the pathetic State Department but now we can appreciate they are all very LUCKY! TRUMP! didn’t have them dosed with a little Polonium tea, right? RIGHT? HA! HAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

SO COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!, America and start to appreciate REAL! FREEDOM!, the pure exhilaration of knowing if you can pay for it, it’s yours, and that if you’ve got the resources, CRIME! IS! SACRAMENT!




Bankers!, have enough money to buy your local AG? PERFECT! Cut a note for the value of the bank to your friend in Panama and take back half for your troubles, full in the knowledge that your CRIME! IS! SACRAMENT!

Teachers!, interested in the taste of a five-year old? Maybe you can interest the local prosecutor for one of your first graders in a trade for a strategic disinterest in your culinary adventures. The small ones may shriek as they’re being slaughtered for your table but rest assured after TRUMP!’s triumph – your CRIME! IS! SACRAMENT!

Grocers!, sick of the ruinous cost of pork and have a cousin on the police force? Have  troublesome customers who would be better off neatly packaged in the cold case? HAHAHAHAHA! You’re time is NOW! TRUMP! has shown you the way!

Clergy!, got an UNNATURAL! URGE! to kidnap and rape a 5 year old with the the lithe, wanton body of a three-year old – and your cousin’s credit union holds the note on his family’s house? DO! IT! NOW! and never regret for an instance the pleasure and GLORY! of taking the tyke’s soul for your own entertainment! HA! HAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Elected Officials!, now you know the real rules, and can go for it, Put the cops, regulators and prosecutors in your pocket with a little strategic wealth sharing and the WORLD! IS! YOURS! Sell the police force to the mob! Sell the navy to the PRC for a kick-back! Repeal the 13th and 14th Amendments for a bribe from ADM!

REAL! FREEDOM! is at hand! Trust is just another thing for sale! And, if you command the cash or power, your CRIME! IS! SACRAMENT!





This is way too Pollyanna-ish considering Dicktatorapist AntiChrist’s apocalypse that the RepubliKKKans are about to unleash.

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