Despite Trump’s Claim

When you’re a President, they let you do it.

They let you lie.

And lie.

And lie.

They broadcast your lies, no matter how bald, with the weakest of clarifications.

They never call them lies.

President claims. President says. President asserts, without evidence. No foundation for President’s charges that.

Whatever it is, it’s never a lie. Even if the President lies dozens of times a day.

Liars know this. Liars know the game. Liars know they can get away with it. Liars know they can lie.

Without consequence.

Liars know this, because, well, just look. There’s the lie. In big letters and everything. It includes a clarification, a despite, but despite the clarification, the lie sails through, unimpeded. The lie survives.

The lie survives because everyone is afraid to call it a lie. The lie survives because everyone is afraid of the truth.

The New York Times editor said the other day that people don’t want to know this. They just want to pick up their paper in the morning and know what happened yesterday.

We want to pick up the paper and know who lied to us yesterday. We want to know who peed on our leg and told us it’s raining.

We don’t need to know who claimed it was raining. We need to know it wasn’t. We need to know who lied that it was. We need to know who was peeing on our leg.

The President pees on our leg. Day in and day out. But the paper won’t tell us that. The news won’t tell us that. Despite the truth, we get trickle-down lies.

Because calling out the lies would be calling the President a liar. And the news is afraid of the truth.

[Screenshot via Paul Farhi]

I hope Iran saves some missiles for those gawdamn liars at dumFux Nooz, the New York Slimes, Fakebook, and Twitter-dum.

/good news/
At least Hell’s about to get even more crowded with the bloated corpse of Rusted Limpballs.

WaPo: “ Conservatives spread false claims on Twitter about electoral fraud…”

Lied. Conservatives lied. Fewer letters, even!

@nojo: “Conservatives spread lies” would also be acceptable.

@nojo: Iowa just made the loathsome coporate media come in their pants by giving them “Dems in DISARRAY” stories for weeks. Way to go, crackers.

And our living nightmare political system grinds on…

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