Remembrance of Nothing Past

So, what’s the point?

We know how the Senate trial’s gonna end — we’ve always known how it would end — and while there may be a few twists along the way, the conclusion is not in doubt.

So why bother? What’s the point?

Bear witness was our answer last spring, when the Mueller report was released. There was the impeachment roadmap, all laid out. Wrap it up, send it across the Capitol, and get everybody on record whether they support or oppose this travesty of our democracy.

And, scene. We would have done what we could — damn little, given the circumstances — but at least we would have gone down fighting. At least we would have made the assholes sign off on treason.

But even that, all those Bizarro John Hancocks putting their names down on a Declaration of Fealty — what’s the point?

History, Frank Rich will tell you. History’s the point. Look who signed off on Nixon. Look who signed off on Joe McCarthy. Look who signed off on Hitler. Look who opted for the convenience of the moment over the judgment of time. What did you do during the war, Daddy?

And, indeed, history is available to us. We just invoked it: 1939. 1954. 1974. The moral arc of the universe, long but palpable. In the long run we’re all dead, but in the long run we’re remembered.

Presuming there’s anyone around to remember us. Presuming they even care.

Watergate was almost fifty years ago now. World War II is eighty years behind us. Who will be around to remember the impeachment of Donald Trump in 2070? In 2100?

And is that what they’ll remember about 2020? Or will they remember instead Australia burning, the polar ice caps melting, the atmospheric carbon dioxide incessantly rising, and the world doing nothing about it? Will they remember instead the determined denial, the random half-measures, the global Neros fiddling while the globe became uninhabitable?

Will they even have history in 2100? Or will the world’s collective knowledge have collapsed like Alexandria, leaving nothing but superstitious folk wisdom, the elders born in 2020, born today, spinning barely remembered tales of magical cities and verdant countrysides, amidst the mighty works of Ozymandias in ruin?

History’s not the point. History can’t be the point. We don’t know how much history we have left.

The point is now. The point is us. We may die in obscurity, but we lived in truth, and that was the best we could do, the most that could be expected of us.

There just weren’t enough of us, is all. And way too many of them.


If we don’t write the history, it will be tragic.

@blogenfreude: We only have history via the transmission and preservation of culture, neither of which is guaranteed. As a friend told me years ago, you can lose a lot of shit in a generation, and that’s what we’re facing as the century wears on.

@nojo & @blogenfreude: All we can do is go down fighting and bear witness.

Meanwhile, elsewhere at the carnival, Hillary Clinton is, and has always been, a terrible politician.

Maybe we can don our fine camo Space Force uniforms and fly to another planet.

I’m in love with Hakeem Jeffries, and I’d like to marry him for a month maybe.

Still rocking the socks and Birks in flooding Centralia!

Think of y’all often but freaked out by the world, so I’ve been hanging with the ExMormons.

Oh, and JNOVJr is about to move 1,000 miles from where she is now. I’m not worried! Driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains in the winter? I’m not worried! Staying near Charlottesville, VA? Fuck no!

Welcome to The South, Honey Pie!

The good news is that Jr will be coming out to visit in May so we can see Mudhoney.

K. Bye!

OMG – I am so tired of Nadler. Schiff, I’d marry him and Hakeem at the same time. Val, please, I keep thinking you’re talking about Texas when you’re talking about texts. I love you, I do. It’s important for the country, and especially for the Senate, to hear the voices of the many who make up the one.

Perhaps it’s my coloristic upbringing speaking. To be honest with myself, it is my coloristic upbringing speaking and my buy in to the deep-seated fear that how one of us speaks or behaves will be used as a bludgeon on all of us.

So, Texas. I knew what you were talking about. I’m sure that all who were listening knew what you were talking about. And that’s what matters, right?

Then why I am embarrassed?

(Wo)Man, I just haven’t been able to articulate my thoughts lately. Nothing wrong; everthing’s fine. I’m just numb. Do you think that’s a side effect of learned helplessness from the national news? I don’t think it’s just me. We haven’t had a huge protest in ages. I wish someone would call a million-American-march to encircle the White House and demand that everyone inside resign. I’d also like a pony.

@¡Andrew!: People call for marches — look at those other countries! — and so I look at those other countries: geographically compact areas with just a major city or two. You can make a statement flooding those streets, and on a moment’s notice.

Here? It can be done, but it takes tremendous effort, and it needs to be thorough to attract notice. Or, short of that, DC! But DC’s a substantial trip for anyone not within a drive — there goes your moment’s notice — and even if you manage to draw a million souls, that’s still less than a half-percent of the population, easily written off.

And you want another one next week?

Marches can work locally, perhaps even a state — the capital’s a drive away for most residents. But nationally? I wish the lefties so eager to call for street protests would look at a map.

@nojo: Masha Gessen said that this was going to happen based on her experience in Russia, and it’s playing out exactly as she wrote that it would three years ago.
I’ve read that the hardest part about living in Russia is that Putin’s scumbag propagandist enablers in the media and political system ‘flood the zone’ with so many self-contradictory lies that it’s impossible for the average person to know what’s real and what’s true. Well, we’ve seen the RepubliKKKans double down on that playbook, with so many daily outrages and scandals large and small that it’s impossible to keep track of them all. We’ve become disoriented and numb as a result, while Plantation America’s rulers go about stealing everything they can get their greedy hands on.
Now there’s a massive black hole where the future used to be.

@¡Andrew!: Well, after the carnival’s over, it’s a straight shot to November. There will be a blizzard of bullshit along the way, and deep structural obstacles to overcome, but 2018 was focused like that, and it turned out as well as could be expected. Jesse was right: Eyes on the Prize.

That’s what passes for optimism in these parts: One last shot to get it as right as we can, given the circumstances.

@nojo: Given the nonchalance and pearl-clutching of the Senate Republicans, I think they’ve been assured that the election is fixed for the GOP.

What I wouldn’t give to know what the Russians hacked from the RNC servers in 2016.

@SanFranLefty: They must all hang together or they’ll all hang separately.

@SanFranLefty: My guess is that they’ve been cheating elections for years, and that they’ve been receiving mountains of cash from oligarchs worldwide for decades in exchange for votes against America’s national interests aka treason (Bitch McCONjob is somehow worth $30 million after decades of government “service”), though at this point Tr666p would brag about all the corruption then shoot America in the middle of 5th Avenue to thunderous applause from the rabid Despicables.

What else could it be? Wild speculation welcome.

@¡Andrew!: Mitch married into it. Elaine Chao’s family does shipping.

@nojo: Bob Corker, for example, was broke and drowning in debt when he was elected to the Senate in 2007 and just a decade later in 2017 he had a reported net worth of almost $70M. He didn’t marry into a Chinese shipping company family.

Twitter made me delete a comment that my Republican senator Cory Gardner should be hung for treason, so I’ll put it here instead. Be sure to ask for the manager!

@nojo: When they let me out of Twitter Jail, I’ll post that I hope Cory Gardner is tickled to death by cute bunnies.

@nojo: What’s the world coming to when you can’t openly call for the execution of a sitting US Senatard.

@¡Andrew!: Execution following a fair trial, but I’m not gonna bother arguing the point to the piecework Twitter complaint crew in Bangalore.

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