How Will It End for the Big Fat Imbecilic Cosplay President? Ceausescu? Nixon? Or Scarface?

THE! END! IS! NIGH! and the GOP gangstertariate knows it.

The only only question left is how will it end?

Will TRUMP! go out like:



or  . . .






One thing’s certain: he’ll never shut up.

I guess he’d opt for Scarface, but he doesn’t have the mental or moral equipment to pull it off. Plus, he’s too boring. Has there ever been a politician so boring? He should end in jail but I doubt that’ll happen. St Helena? But with no internet? The ‘children’ I hope will end up in the Big House, perhaps Eric will learn to read and Don Jr can practice his standing skills. Do we pity Ivanka? Barron? Any of them? I’m doing my best not to, but sometimes I find that difficult. I’m haunted by the story about Trump hitting Jr on the side of his head, knocking him to the floor because he wasn’t wearing a tie to some Sportball event at college. What chance did they have? And think how terrible Trump’s parents must have been. The figure from history I think he’s most like is Nero – minus the culture. He died virtually alone in a drainage culvert; trying to open his carotid artery, failing, and being helped by a freedman. Is Trump capable of that? I doubt it. Will we see Ivanka pleading for understanding as her various implants slowly melt? We’ve always known what he was. Is any of this a surprise? I think the real test will be how we treat him. He’s clearly bonkers and always has been. Do we treat him like the poor sad fat old loser he clearly is, or do we punish the specter he created? I have no idea. All I know is that sometimes I’m sorry I stopped drinking: it had its uses. But since he destroys everything he touches, he’ll clearly destroy the impeachment and likely anything that comes after.

He cannot be punished because he has no shame. Also the bonkers thing.

… Mussolini if we’re very lucky.

I’m not foolish enough to think that Prezirapist AntiChrist will ever face any real accountability for his lifelong crime spree. Our corrupt society is set up precisely to ensure that criminally insane, cruel, greedy, evil, rich white men always get away with it (ex. Epstein, Jeffrey, et al; US history 1600 — present).

I’m praying that the pulverizing stress of the coming days–along with a major assist from McDonalds, KFC, and Diet Coke–triggers The Final Meltdown, in which $hitler suffers a massive, debilitating stroke that leaves him fully conscious but incapable of moving anything but his eyeballs… and then he lives for another twenty years.

Hope everyone enjoyed Infrastructure Week!

/seen online/

“Rudy Giuliani is the world’s greatest lawyer—he’ll get your speeding ticket pled down to first degree murder.”

/seen online 2/

“A whole army of white collar criminal defense attorneys just started yacht shopping.”

The Trumpists are gonna be their endless hot dogs.

I would prefer total solitary confinement somewhere nice like Pelican Bay.

The best possible punishment for Trump would be never seeing or hearing publicly from him again, and him never having an audience again.

That would be a good reward for the rest of us too, although the Mussolini/Ceausescu options would be acceptable.

Too much to hope for a Nuremberg-type solution: probably not a prison gym big enough for all the Republican traitors in this Administration.

Not a bit surprising that several of the parties presently involved had already committed Treason during previous Republican Administrations.

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