Notes on Stench

We do not have the olfactory acuity of dogs, but as a species, our noses take care of themselves. We know when something smells. We know when something stinks. And, in extreme cases, we know when something has a stench.

Which is an interesting twist of construction. Bathrooms smell. Shit stinks. But shit doesn’t have a stench. What has the stench is something other than what gives it the stench. Stench is an invasive species.

We know from stench. Certain streets in certain cities at a certain time of the morning have a very certain stench from the night before. If you’ve ever lived in a moist part of the country — say, Oregon — you know the stench of mildew, and you can see it spreading across your walls like a dark presence from the deep.

Stench creeps. Stench gets into something, and it’s almost impossible to get it out. Stench lasts. Stench is forever.

And if not forever, well, long enough. Stench doesn’t go away overnight.

We are enduring the second year of one of the most acrid stenches in Our Exceptional Nation’s history. It’s not just the fish rotting from the head, but how deep it’s seeped into our civic fabric. An idiot President we could survive. A thorough, ongoing, craven, cynical corruption of what we profess to be our values is another matter. That stench lasts.

Early on, before the stench got into the cushions, folks talked about not “normalizing” the atrocity of an algorithmic bug that placed a soulless black hole in the White House. We’ll just stick an asterisk by this one, a scarequote “president” who wasn’t really. And to a fair degree, that has been successful. One of these Presidents is not like the others, and it’s not the black one.

But that success has only revealed the futility of the endeavor. It’s not about Trump. It was never about Trump. It’s about his enablers, in Congress and throughout the land, who will happily sell out the nation, and cheap, for a pittance of power. It’s their stench that permeates the air we breathe, that stains the landscape we sing about. That stench ain’t going away any time soon.

We write this at the dawn of spring, with fall elections but two seasons away. Predictions of a wave abound, and evidence of discontent has been piling up with each special election. A House victory remains uncertain — a Senate switch almost a fantasy — but our last, best hope of survival remains in enough people overcoming the substantial deliberate obstacles placed in their path, and expressing their collective will, as God and the Founders intended.

Because the alternative is two more years of this goddamn stench, and it’s fucking suffocating enough as it is.


Whenever the read count jumps, I reach for my Crooks & Liars.

@nojo: Good ole C&L.

Hey – I’m watching a documentary about the Rajneesh folks who were living out near Antelope. Right now everybody is falling ill with salmonella. All I remember from that time was the fleet of Rolls Royces.

Oh, it’s not just salmonella now. Dark Secrets…

@JNOV: All I remember from that time is pretty much everything, although not in the detail folks on the other side of the Cascades remember it.

Oregon in the Eighties: You really had to be there.

Today’s SINclair Nooz hostage video is even more disturbing than the last.

I pray that KOMO’s Mary Nam is safe–getoutta there, girl!!!

@¡Andrew!: Haha! And yeah – I’m disturbed that they’re all up in Seattle. Here’s your gurl.

OMFG this is heelarious!

Dr. Evil Got Fired from Tdumbp’s Cabinet

Asked what role he had at the White House, he replied: “Naturally I was going to be Secretary of Evil, but Steve Bannon got that job.”

“All the evil stuff was me.”

“Even deporting DREAMers?” asked Fallon.

“No Jimmy, even I have my limits. I’m evil but I’m not a monster.”

When asked if he made any friends there, Evil replied: “I got along swimmingly with Ben Carson…we were both evil doctors that didn’t know why we were there.”

Evil also had some comments about various other White House figures.

Donald Trump Jr: “That guys creepy AF. He looks like he’s missing a facial feature you just don’t know which one.”

And Evil said he’s planning on running for president with the only man who’s hated more than Donald Trump right now: Mark Zuckerberg.

“Hey America, get ready to be poked!”

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