Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)

We were privileged to have him in our midst … and we are now even more rudderless ….


On the shoulders of giants like Hawking.

March in like a Trump lying and goes out like a Lamb.

If the GOP hasn’t shit their pants in panic after ‘bama then they should be now. Gerrymandered districts aren’t safe. Of course the morons at DCCC can fuck things up too.

He was so inspirational on so many levels. He really tested the boundries of human comprehension of physics in addition to overcoming extreme personal challenges. He’ll be remembered as one of the greatest scientists of our time.

TPM: New Zealand Diplomat Told Dems ‘Get Your S**t Together Or We Will All Die’

Sure is fun hearing that with their sexy Kiwi accents, though.

And oh ho hum: Prezinazi Treasonp caught on tape bragging about how he lies to real world leaders like Canada’s PMILF JTru.

How anyone can spend five seconds in the same room as that pathetic, bullying, lying POS failure and resist the compulsion to kick him as hard as humanly possible in his shrivled, tiny, dried-up marbles is a modern miracle.

@¡Andrew!: More specifically: How can any world leader trust him now? Not that they ever could, but now they have a specific reason never to commit to anything while he’s in the room.

Banks already know this. That’s why Trump went scrambling for Russian money. All the local spigots went dry.

@mellbell: Also the Star Trek poker scene with Einstein, Isaac Newton (a dick) and Data.

Hawking was my best “brush with greatness” ever. I saw him at the Musee d’Orsay with his wife, looking at Van Gogh’s paintings. So much genius in one room.

In case ya’ll haven’t seen the news, the wife of beloved Twitter troll DJTJ has continued the family tradition of filing for dee-vorce. Sad!

Now that his first marriage has crashed and burned, he can rinse and repeat with Mrs. DJTJ #2 and various mistresses, followed in quick succession by Mrs. DJTJ #3 and Mrs. DJTJ #4, along with a new mistresses variety pack.

He’s already got five kids, so I’m betting there will only be three or four more, with different mothers who’re not necessarily one of his wives.

Children, white trashing is hard.

@¡Andrew!: Might have a Bonus Loser tonight.

@nojo: Looks like it’s HJ McMasterbates, who’s been dismissed for the felonious offense of insufficient orange a$$ kissing.

At this rate, dumFux Nooz won’t have any “personalities” left; they’ll all be in the White Trash House to prison pipeline.

@Mistress Cynica: I can’t even imagine that mind-boggling encounter. I get weepy thinking of the beauty in room after room of that museum, and if I walked into one gallery and saw him there I probably would have squealed like the world’s biggest fan girl and passed out from excitement.

Follow Up: Soon-to-be Ex Mrs. DJTJ #1 has hired a renowned criminal defense attorney to represent her in the divorce. That seems totally normal!!

And yet, as a species, we fail to heed the warning of one of the greatest among us. We continue to send high powered broadcast messages into space without regard for the consequence. And what we are we sending? Since Voyager (when we sent naked pictures of ourselves with a map to our house), we continue to broadcast samples of really bad music and more recently, free text messages from anyone feeling bored with trolling on twitter.

It’s a virtual certainty that when we do get a return message it’ll be in the form of a superweapon designed to clear out this entire of quadrant of the galaxy just to get us to shut up.

@¡Andrew!: There seem to be be two schools of thought on Juniors impending tragic divorce. 1) As indicated by your initial comment – This is just a completely predictable run-of-the-mill consequence of the dominant “Dick” gene expressing itself throughout the Trump genetic history.

However, this additional detail …

@¡Andrew! “Ex Mrs. DJTJ #1 has hired a renowned criminal defense attorney to represent her in the divorce.”

… seems a little odd, given the unhappy couple filed for an uncontested quick divorce. Unless one subscribes to theory 2) Where one notes the divorce permits assets to be transferred quickly and was filed on the same day an independent special counsel subpoenaed the family business, raising the possibility of a criminal prosecution. In which case a criminal attorney may come in handy to protect said assets.

@libertarian tool: I totally subscribe to the notion that she and it agreed to split in order to protect their ass/es/ets.

Oh and by the way, I’m being courted by Russian ladies on your site. Which would be titillating but for the fact that, aside from some college silliness (Holyoke y’all!) I’m a fairly confirmed breeder at this stage.

@peggynooner: One of these days I’m gonna finish that redesign I started last year that dumps the ad entirely, but not today.

@nojo: @peggynooner:

I’m getting a book ad on “The American Revolution” with an inspiring image of George Washington crossing the Delaware.

I think what shows up in banner google ads has less to do with the website and more to do with whatever is in your recent browser history and cookies. I clear mine out regularly.

@libertarian tool: Privacy Badger.

And yes to Jr and wife hiding tha muhnaaay. I hear Seychelles is nice. (The Seychelles? Seychelles? is? are?)

First day off of FB. Not twitchy yet.

@JNOV: Mr. A! quit FB a few weeks ago in part over anger about FB’s dissemination of Ru$$iapubliKKKan lies and propaganda.

Can’t wait to see that greedy lil’ Zuckdroid twerp living in a van down by the rivah.

@¡Andrew!: Zuck keeps wishing he was Steve Jobs, but he’s really Bill Gates. Jobs could be a world-historical asshole, but he had universe-denting poetry in him. Gates was just profoundly greedy, and he wanted people to think he was a visionary.

Zuck ain’t a visionary. He has no poetry inside. Just a raw desire for total control.

Ha ha, Ted Olson has bounced Twitler’s representation request for the second time.

Apparently in addition to refusing to follow legal advice, making regular incriminating statements, and dead-beating on his bills, competent attorneys are refusing to represent Prezinazi Shithole-for-Brains due to the reputational risk of working for such a toxic sleazeball.

You know it’s bad when the lawyers are running for the hills.

@¡Andrew!: Yeah – this is bullshit. When I was saying my goodbyes, I saw that Mr. ¡A! had jumped.

Today: Would you pick up the phone and call someone to tell someone that? No? You don’t need to post it on FB.

Would you pay money to have that photo developed and put it in an album? No? You don’t need to post it on FB.

Thank the FSM that the Austin mad bomber was far-white so it’s therefore unpossible that this could be terrahism, just like the dozens of other hate-KKKrazed white failures who’ve gone on mass killing rampages over the last few years.

Must be their eCONomic anxiety.

FB Withdrawal Day Four: People can read their own damn news and don’t need my help four times a day.

@¡Andrew!: I love your KKKs, CONs and ISISes, you witty man, you.

@JNOV: I miss the ease with which I could sock puppet my hubby’s account to catch up on the lives of friends and family, however Facefuck is a hostile intelligence service that facilitates psy-ops attacks against Americans for munnie. Time to start calling it out for what it truly is.

Back to FB – I remember when all you could do was give someone a sheep or something. Then you could upload photos!! FB’s privacy policy – these are your pics, no worries. FB’s privacy stmnt changed and said that they own that content after you leave/die. Folks went nuts. FB said, jk! IDK. I’m tired of it all.

@¡Andrew!: Yeah, well, so I’ve heard through my legal eagles gossip chain is that basically 85-95% of the receptionists, legal secretaries, paralegals, and associates at Gibson Dunn were going to walk if Ted Olson even had a serious interview with Twitler.* Representing Shrub in Bush v. Gore is one thing, but representing the Mango Mussolini? No so much.

No fucking way with any legit attorneys/firms, he’s beyond radioactive in respectable society and with traditional Republicans who aren’t elected officials like Miss Lindsey Graham and others who are scared of the Teabaggers. Trump is fucking toxic in the legal world. Look at who he just hired. Look at who just quit. (Note: his last remaining semi-legit attorney quitting increases the odds of a Mueller firing in the next 7 days to about 90% likely)

*not to mention partners at the firm opposed in addition due to Drumpf’s congenital inability to actually pay any bills, not to mention the thought of the firm having to try to do on-campus recruitment at the T-10 law schools in the fall.

@SanFranLefty: Yah. You remember the twins? One graduate with me, and one graduated after you. My twin is at Gibson – I’m not sure about his brother, but yeah.

Maybe Fox’s screaming judge will join Trump’s team. All his best peeps come from Fox.

@SanFranLefty: OTOH, a MoFo partner represented The American Taliban of Petaluma or Tiburon or wherever. He made it very clear that it wasn’t a MoFo thang. It didn’t seem to cause too much of an uproar.

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