Like a Virgin

  • “Republican Party has sold its soul” (Chicago Tribune, December 7)
  • “After the Roy Moore debacle, it’s clear the Republican Party has lost its soul” (Daily News, November 14)
  • “The Republican Party needs to search for its soul” (Globe and Mail, August 2)

  • “The Republican Party has lost its soul” (WaPo, August 3, 2016)
  • “On Islam, the GOP has lost its mind and forfeited its soul” (WaPo, July 25, 2016)
  • “Carson’s Trump endorsement: have Republicans lost their soul?” (Guardian, March 11, 2016)
  • “GOP: Lost its soul or just its mind?” (WorldNetDaily, May 4, 2015)
  • “Where is the soul of the GOP?” (MSNBC, March 12, 2014)
  • “The Republican Party finds its soul” (StarTribune, May 27, 2012)

I want to shove all the pearls “moderate” Rethuglicans are clutching up their collective asses. Cognitive dissonance much?

They’re all wrong.
The modern GOPers never had a soul.

Yeah, I seem to recall a spate of such articles around ten years ago during peak CaliguBush foreign war fustercluck/eCONomic collapse. It’s only been sharply downhill and right over a cliff since then.

Toonces Look Out!!!!

@ManchuCandidate: Not in my lifetime. I keep trying to date the shift — Newt? Ronnie? Nixon? Goldwater?

By the time I reach Ike, I’m beyond personal lived memory. Liberal Republicans did walk the Earth in my youth — Rockefeller, Oregon governor McCall — but their prominence was far greater than their influence.

Poppy Bush was among them, more or less. When he capitulated on Voodoo Economics, that was the end of that.

@¡Andrew!: TOONCES

Man, Mario Batali. Groping harassing dudes are in such trouble. Do you think others will finally learn?

Here’s a story. When one of my brothers was in his late 20s, he was fired for sexual harassment. They were decorating for an office party, and two women were standing on a table so they could put decorations on something high (not sure what). Anyway, my brother started waving $1 bills at them. Our dad told me about it, and he was shocked ETA that my brother was fired. I was shocked, and I was like, “Dad. No. That’s not okay, and he should have been fired.” I wonder if their attitudes have changed. I’m pretty sure that being fired woke up my brother, but I wonder what our dad thinks.

The End

Who has the proper stake and mallet to finish them? Can’t anything stop this madness? The ship is nearly on the rocks …

I’d like to take this opportunity to register my outrage about the Bob Ross Chia Pet. Some things are sacred.

What are you guys watching? I’m watching the NYT speedometer thing, and I feel like my heart is going to leap out of my chest.

Hey – so are campaigns allowed to help people get IDs in states with the onerous/discriminatory voter ID laws? Maybe the DNC? I’d donate money to help. Hell, I gave Doug Jones 25 bucks, and that’s a big deal for me.

@JNOV: Following Twitter, seeing as I’m a cord-cutter. I don’t have the stomach to watch the NYT needle swing back and forth.

@nojo: Yeah. It’s disconcerting. I’m also watching WaPo’s map. It looks like nine counties have flipped to D so far.

@JNOV: As TPM Josh says, cautious optimism. The details are all promising, but we can’t get ahead of things.

That said: Holee sheeit if Jones pulls this off.

@nojo: Right? I would be incredibly sad if Moore won. He’s a horrible man.

And you know what, excellent job, Black Alabamians! I hope they show the rest of us how hard we fought for the vote, and how hard we need to fight to keep it. There is untapped power that is often neglected.

Fuck. Looked at the needle. Jumped from 82% to 95% Jones just as I scrolled to it. That’s dangerous shit, man.

@nojo: I KNOW! This is scary. I had to double my antidepressants when Trump won, and I don’t want to get kicked in the teeth again. Holy shit, Alabama!

Hey – I think the Jayson Blair dude is on TV.

Not the Jayson Blair dude, Holy shit this is crazy! The Rs better start being nice to Black people!

Holy fuck. We might take back this country yet.

(“We” indicating 40 percent of whites, plus everyone else.)

A fucking self inflicted catastrophe for the GOP as they proved that less is Moore.

Good for them.


@JNOV: This calls for some celebratory MJ (as if I need an excuse).

Do we get a concession speech from that freak?

What the hell are they trying to pull? I KNEW IT! Fuckers!

@JNOV: Automatic recount at 0.5% difference. Lead was 1.1% last I heard.

But yes, keep eyes peeled. These are old Southern Dems, after all. They’re past masters at rigging.

Right? Why are people making such a big deal about Alabama once being a D state? Those were Dixiecrats.

@JNOV: The big deal is just a cynical attempt by wingnuts to pretend Republicans haven’t been successfully courting Dixiecrats since 1968.

But as a practical matter, these are the same folks, with the same habits. Caro details LBJ vote-rigging in Texas, for example.

YAY! They’ve already counted the absentee ballots! YAY!

No way in hayell do I wanna read Prezinazi Pu$$ygrabber’s shit twits today.

Watching Fox & Friends this morning at the gym (because I have no say in what they put on their TV’s) the Fox and Friends crew made this laugh riot claim:

“Alabama vote was a referendum on Harvey Weinstein, not Trump.”

The claim was so ridiculously absurd I practically fell off the exercise bike laughing. As if we’re all too stupid to remember that Donald Trump is being accused of exactly the same sorts of things Weinstein is being accused of… by 15 women?!?!

You were wondering who the smokin’ hottie was standing behind Doug Jones during his victory speech (don’t even bother denying it).

Once again, the internet does not disappoint and totally has our priorities in order. His name is Carson Jones, the senator-elect’s dashing gay son! He’s also apparently a zookeeper (???), so breakout those lion-tamer fantasies.

@Serolf Divad:

NBC, today: “Roy Moore lost his election. But the GOP is losing its soul.”

Don!t worry, they’ll get it back in time to lose it again.

Tavis Smiley spoke at my college graduation. I don’t remember any of his remarks. That is all.

@mellbell: The Eugene mayor spoke at my high school graduation. Four years later, he spoke at my college summer graduation. He’s probably dead now, or else he’d be speaking at my funeral.

@nojo: We had other speakers (four total), but none of them were “names” in the same way as him. The year before, three of the four were people most folks had heard of, including the late great Molly Ivins, but alas, I was studying abroad and missed it.

Just read a tweet quipping that “Donald Trump is out of his depth on a wet sidewalk.” How have I never encountered that wonderful variant of “out of his/her depth” before?!

You know Microsoft done fucked up when the highlight of my week so far is that our tech support has agreed to downgrade my version of Office from 2016 to 2013.

Not the best-titled post to put this under, but congratulations to Chicago Bureau on merging operations.

@nojo: Is that an 80s-esque marriage euphemism?

@¡Andrew!: Just a fresh 2017 engagement euphemism.

I did not think it possible that Susan Collins was even more craven than her previous actions had shown her to be. I was wrong.

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