Pestorking Penguins!

We were planning this long Serious Post about voter suppression and election undermining, stemming from the FBI revelations and trawling Our Exceptional Nation’s long history of resisting the franchise for anyone but White male landowners, how one era’s gains can easily become another era’s setbacks, how that sustained and strong resistance shows how valuable a single vote remains, because there’s so much power and treasure to be gained from it. It was going to be an undeniably compelling piece of writing, sure to go viral as the country suddenly lurched to its senses before election day, and guaranteeing us a parade even bigger than the Broncos.

And then somebody mentioned “penguin sex” in passing on Twitter and we decided life’s too short.


Hillary will win NY with me or without me, but I will walk around the corner to the old folks center to vote for her. Done it twice before, so I know the way.

And the GOP spent years shrieking about a Manchurian Candidate in the WH yet actually elected one in the primary and trying their dirtiest to get US Amercia to elect him.

Good job “real” patriots.

If y’all need a distraction, The Crown is really really good. Lithgow as Churchill is stunning, and Matt Smith’s butt is a revelation.

@nojo: also Designated Survivor w/ Kiefer Sutherland – free on Hulu (maybe Plus) …

@blogenfreude: Yes, that too. I’m surprised there’s not that much buzz about it — perhaps overwhelmed by Our National Clown Show — but it’s very well-crafted, and Kiefer does a nice turn as a milquetoast finding his backbone.

@nojo: I can’t believe how much I’ve been enjoying Lucifer. Who’d have guessed that a show about the devil would be so much fun? The writing is brilliant, and the rapid-fire comic dialogue between the two leads is amazing.

Not exactly news, however here’s a few fairly obvious takes in these End of Days:

1. Asshole Americans have had a psychotic break with reality and will vote for anyone with an (R) after their name. Some 200 scandals later, and Trump’s poll numbers keep going up.
2. Plantation AmeriKKKa’s ruling E-leets better figure out a way to get the eCONomy working again for the bottom 90% of the people, or eventually they’re going to vote for someone even more insane and sadistic, and that demagogue is going to win.
3. People truly, madly, deeply hate Hillary Clinton. This does not bode well for her presidency, nor for the rest of us as the country descends into rage-induced lunacy.

The winning penguin has (or is) a big pecker.

But seriously. She’s gonna win. Lefty is nailing down AZ as I write. But I’m afraid that getting things done will be even harder for her than it has been for Obama

@nojo: I’ve seen better. :) But the casting is superb across the board. And for an Austen fan like me, the cast is also a veritable who’s who of past productions, some of whom I recognized immediately (Jeremy Northam, formerly Knightley, now Foreign Secretary Eden), while others took a while to dawn on me (Greg Wise, formerly Willoughby, now Lord Mountbatten). Plus, interestingly enough (and Google gets all the credit for this one), the actor who plays David (fka Edward VIII) also played Charles in The Queen. One of the most compelling performances, though, has to be from the guy playing Tommy Lascelles — he’s the epitome of a character you love to hate. Of course, Claire Foy as Elizabeth is brilliant and now I want to track down all her previous work. As for a favorite scene up to now (six episodes in), it wasn’t necessarily the best in terms of story, set dressing, whatever, but the instant Matt Smith as Philip encountered the native people in Kenya I got extraordinarily excited to hear whatever terribly daft thing was going to come out of his mouth and he did not disappoint. So far, at least, Philip might be one of the only people who comes out of this looking somehow worse than previously imagined.

@mellbell: Besides the fun stuff — Royals Behaving Badly and palace backbiting — what strikes me is the framing of the story: Humans dealing with an inherently inhuman institution. The key moment is King George explaining that Good Ol’ Bertie died upon his coronation, replaced by some new creature he was obligated to inhabit. The first season — of six planned — follows the dehumanization of Elizabeth.

There’s been chatter now and then that the U.S. would do well with separate heads of State and Government. I think not.

@mellbell: @nojo: Are you watching “Indian Summers”? Good mix of history and melodrama.

@Dodgerblue: Wait, what?


Well! First I’ve heard of it. I’ll have to see how far back the PBS app has it. Or, as usual, wait for Netflix.

@nojo: You planning on setting up an Election return open thread or shall I do it?

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