Other Expressions Tested in the Clinton Focus Group

You can call me Algorithm.

  • Shopping Bag of Disgracefuls
  • Cat Carrier of Disreputables
  • Fanny Pack of Dreadfuls

  • Satchel of Reprehensibles
  • Hefty Bag of Execrables
  • Snuff Box of Wretcheds
  • Storage Bin of Bummers
  • Hamper of Regrettables
  • Mildewed Felt-Lined Family Heirloom Jewelbox That’s Not Worth Nearly What You Thought It Was of Lamentables
  • Fucking Assholes
Clinton: Half of Trump supporters are in ‘basket of deplorables’ [CNN]

Wait. She is now apologizing for this? Pants Suit of Fear?

@Dodgerblue: I’m honestly stunned, especially because it was too awkward to make sense in the first place. She can’t even stand by vague toothless disapproval?

This is what happens when two amateurs run for President.

“You know, morons.”
Vote Hilsbot 2016

She should double down like Trump does when called out. This makes me worry that she will not be tough enough in the debates.

@Dodgerblue: Especially live. Today she caved, then restated her point more in line with previous recent statements. All with time to consider her actions.

But the original line is still out there, the cave only dispirits supporters, and we’re left seeing our worst fears realized about Hillary as a candidate.

That said, the election remains hers to lose. Hilary’s electoral polls are erratic, but Trump’s remain solidly in the hole he dug himself.

I hope she deals forthrightly with this pneumonia thing and not with evasion and word games. I’m trying to like her.

@Dodgerblue: I have no interest in liking her, and I’m looking forward to four years of being intensely frustrated with her. Unless she pulls a Gore and blows a thoroughly winnable election. Which, alas, I still don’t put past her.

In PR lingo, a star being treated for:
dehydration and exhaustion = raging alcoholism
anxiety = reefer madness
insomnia = massive coke binge
so, walking pneumonia = ?

@Dodgerblue: @¡Andrew!: This pneumonia business highlights for me the extremely fine line that Clinton has to walk between appearing human — she’s a robot! — and appearing weak. Seems she can’t win either way.

@mellbell: The governor of Kentucky just called for the violent overthrow of the US government if Clinton wins. You know, for freedom. IOKIYAR, whatever.

Oh, and Hillary fainted because she works like a demon.

Yeah, thanks Bill. That explanation should totally satisfy the rubber room crowd. Her campaign managers must be doing a collective facepalm now.

The top headline on Google News right now is “Colin Powell: Bill Clinton Still Dicking Bimbos.” What a time to be alive.

@mellbell: Oh, for the simpler times of my teen years, when all we had was Watergate.

@mellbell & @nojo: I never thought I’d be nostalgic for the days when the Senate brought Beel and HIZ PAYNISS up on 1st degree blowjob charges. Yet here we are, with nothing but this flaming dumpster of repulsives to show for it.

@mellbell: @nojo: When you think about the promise modern technology held for the political process–getting out the message, organizing, engaging in debate–and what we have turned it into, it truly proves what a wretched species we are.

I’ll have a side order of despicables with blue cheese dressing.

@Mistress Cynica: I remember the hippie dream from the mid-60s. Then we got Nixon. Reagan. Shrub. And now Trump as a real possibility? This suggests that, if there is a god, he is a dick.

@Dodgerblue: The Greeks had their gods right. Mischievous scoundrels.

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