That Time Hillary Imagined Obama’s Assassination and We All Got Upset, Like, Two Hours About It

Run bitter, run deep.

Let’s dive down the Stinque Memory Hole and revisit that fine Friday afternoon of May 23, 2008:

“My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know I just, I don’t understand it.”

Yeah, who knows what might happen in an election? My opponent might get shot!

And then, later that day:

“I regret that if my referencing that moment of trauma for our entire nation and in particular the Kennedy family was in any way offensive. I certainly had no intention of that whatsoever,” the former first lady said.

See, Mr. Trump, that’s how you do it: Put it out there, then “apologize” after the damage is done. Lucky for us you’re incompetent.

Trump says ‘Second Amendment people’ could stop Clinton [The Hill]

OK, heez definitely a Clinton plant.

This is Classic Clintonism: “Vote for me cuz my opponent is completely crackers, then watch with inchoate rage as I gleefully hand over what’s left of the economy to the oligarchs. Ahahahaha hahahaha hahahaha…”

They’ve played us all for chumps yet again. Trump will just jack off during the debates, fire a gun in the air, or torture us with lewd jokes about bangin’ hiz daughter, and that’ll be that.

No doubt Trump will “commit suicide” after the election. Or maybe during a reconcilation meeting with Clinton, “they both reached for the gun.”


Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes they both
Oh yes, they both
Oh yes, they both reached for
The gun, the gun, the gun, the gun,
Oh yes, they both reached for the gun
for the gun.

Shit. Now I have to watch my Chicago DVD tonight.

@nojo: Great minds think alike; as I was driving home listening to NPR’s “story” about this, I kept saying “But what about 2008”

I agree with ¡Andrew! at this point.

@SanFranLefty: Everyone seems to have forgotten how desperate Hillary was in that stretch. It’s like a couple of months ago when everyone was banging on Bernie for not conceding gracefully “like Hillary did”, and all I could think was Are you fucking kidding me?

@nojo: Oh, I haven’t forgotten. (I’m very much a forgive-but-don’t-forget kind of person, for what it’s worth.) I was already Team Obama as of early February 2008, but the shit Hillary and Bill pulled as primary season dragged on would have lost her my support anyway.

@SanFranLefty: Did you hear that interview yesterday with the author of a new book on faking your own death or “pseudocide?” She has a six-figure student loan debt, which prompted her deep interest in the topic. It involves an overnight trip to the Philippines to buy a decoy body and a black market death certificate, and let’s just say that I suddenly became quite interested as well. Hola Philippines y adios Fed Loan Servicing.

@mellbell: forgive and forget here – voted HRC in 2008 primary and again in 2016 primary. The Supreme Court as reformed will be important.

@blogenfreude: Voted for her in June and will do the same in November. Also plan to head out to Virginia for canvassing in the fall. Just not as enthusiastically as I did in 2008 and 2012.

@mellbell: As long as she doesn’t fall to the ground and begin bowing towards Mecca on camera or confess to founding ISIS, then the election’s in the bag, which given her track record of ridiculous pandering and compulsive lying, one of those is sure to occur. Then Bill’ll have to razzle dazzle us with another thrilling episode of Shit Donald Trump Sez.

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