Burn in hell, fuckstick.

fuck you

Tears of joy.

CNN: Scalia dead.


Ha, ha, ha! I was thinking of putting something up here, but then I’m thinking: “Better not… anything I’d say would come across as too impolitic and mean-spirited.”

So the GOP is in a real bind, IMO. They’ve got two options as far as I can see:

1) They can allow Obama to nominate, and vote to confirm a relative moderate.

2) They can push the decision off to the next President who:

a) Might be Hillary Clinton a Democratic Senate
b) Might be Donald Trump.. and boy… talk about a wild-card. Who knows what kind of Justice he’d appoint.

Now I’m sorry I’m skipping this afternoon’s Denver Bernie rally. Gonna be a ton o’ fun over there.

@Serolf Divad:
I fully expect a complete and utter full on GOPer shit fit.

@Serolf Divad: Nominate tomorrow a current Obama appointee circuit court of appeal judge who flew by the Senate with near-unanimous support, and ask the GOP to explain why s/he suddenly isn’t qualified — the last two the Senate approved won 95-0 and 82-6, and are both Hispanic (first female, second male). Let the GOP play that electoral/demographic minefield.

@Serolf Divad: The man dedicated his life to destroying the lives of many people who I care about, I’m fucking trippin’ balls of excitement here. Mr. SFL is digging out the oldest and most expensive bottle of wine out of our basement.


I’d love to see Hillary and Bernie both promise that if elected they’ll nominate Obama. Would do wonders for Dem. turnout and would send Republicans into paroxysms of foul-mouthed bile-spitting.

@Serolf Divad: Bamz already has stated heez not interested. Bet his team has a dream list ready to go, tho.

And it was only a few weeks ago that I challenged Pareene on his hipster “voting doesn’t matter” comment. Yes, often your choices suck, but withdrawal just guarantees the worst choice wins. Like the status quo? Stay home!

“This would be an excellent day for Justice Clarence Thomas to continue his tradition of just doing whatever Justice Scalia does.”
–Betty Bowers

“Justice Scalia Dead Following 30-Year Battle With Social Progress”
–The Onion

“Breaking: #Scalia now dead on the outside”

-I’m loving the #scalia twitter feed right now.

@¡Andrew!: I spent like fifteen minutes trying to word that joke, gave up. Congrats to Betty.

Perhaps we should send him on his way in the manner he dismissed his critics: a little flick of his fingernails away from under his chin, with the benediction “Vaffanculo”.


FBI reports sharp rise in grave-peeing.

Has anyone explained the ropes, the wetsuit, and the ten-inch black dildo up his ass?

@nojo and @¡Andrew!: Is it too much to wish Cheney and Kissinger dead this week too? These things do happen in threes….

Obama Compiles Shortlist Of Gay, Transsexual Abortion Doctors To Replace Scalia

@SanFranLefty: From your keyboard to the FSM’s sauce-coated appendages.

@SanFranLefty: It would be the most satisfying episode ever of Murder, She Wrote. Jessica Fletcher comes out of retirement to solve the triple homicide, decides they had it comin’, vows to protect the identity of the killer, goes to jail for contempt of court then ends up on Orange is the New Black. Where was she on the ranch when Scalia was murdered, anyway?

BTW, I’m loving the TRUE theory that those ranch people won’t provide any lurid details on Scalia’s death because he was there with a prostitute (male, more then likely), and it was secks play gone wrong (of course–smacks forehead–obviously!).

@SanFranLefty: I saw that! I have a book on Lautner’s work which features that home prominently. It’s an amazing work of sculpture and constantly changing; home improvements have been ongoing for decades. Definitely one of the boldest homes in America. Hope I’ll have the opportunity to tour it one day.

The owner apparently made his megafortune in trailer parks. How ironic.

Last chance to kick the dead body in DC today. Pro-tip: Always check inside the coffin before it goes into the ground.

Now the Real Scalia is partying with Ken Lay, Ted Stevens, and Osama bin Laden at the Bush family compound down in Paraguay, and the corpse in DC is a clone or a body double, but of course you already knew that.

@¡Andrew!: Per the Book of Faces, DC Stinquer mellbell went to SCOTUS coffin display to check for us.

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