Understanding Today’s Complex World of the Future is a Little Like Having Bees Live in Your Head

But, there they are.Title: “The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload”

Author: Daniel J. Levitin

Rank: 87

Blurb: “Levitin turns his attention to an issue that affects everyone in the digital age: organization. It’s the reason that some people are more adept than others at managing today’s hyper flow of data. The Organized Mind explains the science behind their success and — with chapters targeted specifically to business readers — shows how all of us can make small but crucial changes to regain mastery over our lives.”

Review: “At times Levitin may appear longwinded in his narrative.”

Customers Also Bought: “Lewis N. Clark Travel Laundry Soap 10 pack”

Footnote: One effective solution is to wait for half the Republican candidates to drop out before paying attention.

The Organized Mind [Amazon]

One effective solution is to wait for half the Republican candidates to drop out before paying attention.

That’s certainly what I’m doing. It’s much more interesting to watch BBC shows on Netflix and Hulu anyway..

I’m embarrassed to say it took me 10 seconds to get the “Lewis N. Clark” laundry soap pun.

@SanFranLefty: Besides the name, I was amused that a book aimed at “business readers” would offer a practical item for business travelers on the Also Bought rack, and that said item appeared because there weren’t enough other books to fill out the list.

“[H]yper flow” should be hyphenated. “Hyper-flow.” Just sayin’ ….

What might help is thinking beyond what they teach in an MBA program.

Prepare for 50 million Rethug heads to explode: California to have automatic voting registration – why this isn’t the normal approach is beyond me.

Especially since last year we decided to let undocumented immigrants get valid driver’s licenses to reduce the number of uninsured motorists…thus pissing off the Rethugs b/c now the cops can’t pull someone in to deportation proceedings courtesy of a ticket for a broken headlight.

@SanFranLefty: They do that in Colorado, and it confused the shit out of me. Driver’s license checkbox? No forms?

Also mail-in elections, just like Orygun. They really know how to spoil citizens here. Except the part where your license and license plates are handled by two totally separate agencies.

Also, you’re legally required to swear fealty to John Elway. They don’t tell you that part until you establish residency.

So I hear that Fiorina is at the grown-ups table this week.

Can’t I get a little love for Gov. Perry who bailed a few days ago? If I remember correctly he was polling at 0.8%, or a full 1/5th of the 4% who expressed their preference for “none of the above”. Looks like the Clark Kent glasses didn’t fool nearly as many people as they do for Superman.

@Dave H: Maybe he’ll finally be able to come out now that his campaign is officially KIA? I expect that he’ll be wearing a 22 year-old hustler named Billi-with-an-i on his arm any day now.

@Dave H:
Except the idiots (who assume they’re smart) known as the political pundit class who bought the Clark Kent routine and said he was the man of the future rather than 1st also ran of 2016.

I’m watching the tape. Bullshit mountain indeed.

@Dodgerblue: Thanks for being our human shield on this one. I’d rather have my fingernails ripped out in Fallujah than watch that psychotic bullshit.

Tomorrow I’m flying to Beijing for a work trip. The 12-hour flight should be a good test of my recovery from that nasty shit in Jan-Feb.

@Dodgerblue: Do you have face masks and oxygen tanks packed?

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