Omar Sharif (1932-2015)



3:41 pm • Friday • July 10, 2015

What, no love for Kenny “The Snake” Stabler? He left this mortal coil yesterday.

5:03 pm • Friday • July 10, 2015

@HillRat: I lived and died with the Raiders of the Seventies, so yes, lots of love for the Snake. RIP.

After “Lawrence” and “Dr. Zhivago” I thought Omar Sharif would be a film superstar for decades, but apparently he preferred playing bridge. More power to him for leading his own life. RIP.

11:27 pm • Friday • July 10, 2015

@HillRat: Dude, you still stateside? Bon Voyage in the next indeterminate weeks!

11:29 pm • Friday • July 10, 2015

@Dave H: Raiders and the A’s, man, despite having no relationship to Oakland. Rollie Fingers FTW, or at least his stache.

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