Je Suis The Passport

Nothing is more offensive than what makes other people laugh.

And nothing has been more instructive about our vaunted free speech than the weaseling response of our hired intelligentsia. Of course it’s offensive. Of course it’s crude. That’s the motherfucking point, you motherfucking pope fucking gay boy fucking cunt licking pussy licking taint licking fucktards.

It’s supposed to make men go chungk in their beer. And hit each other over the head with their mugs. Like the time they all got together to fuck each other’s brothers. (See what I did there? I didn’t say sisters. I am so advanced.) What’s different about the Seth Rogan film that I haven’t seen and have no plans on seeing? Or the porn sites being shut down by our evangelical friends who’ve got nothing better to do with their right hands? What else was Borat? But then ask Salman Rushdie. His account of living under the siege of fundamentalists is instructive for as much as it tells us about the author’s unconscious shutting down as his police guard is shagging his secretary.


Where did you find this? BTW there are 7 hours of football on TV later today and the NYT is writing about what pussies current players are compared to the good old days when men were men and postboxes in Manchester were nervous.

This isn’t even the best. I couldn’t find the first one I saw. It’s a youtube thing. Search on Russian car crashes and you will enter a wonderland of trucks passing on the right at 90 mph with nothing but a soft shoulder; airborne saloons coming from any direction; where to make a left turn calls into question one’s sanity; and where none of the cars seem to be equipped with brakes. I know it’s wrong to laugh but I can’t help it.

@Dodgerblue: There’s around 65 million people jammed into the stadium to see the Seagulls play. We’re staying as far away as we can from the SoDo/I-5 traffic apocalypse.

@Dodgerblue: Good lawd. Can you hear the Seagulls’ fans screamin’ all the way down in LA? They’re gonna re-win the Superbowl.

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