All is Forgiven

To paraphrase The Guardian:

Warning: this post contains the image of Muhammad (or it could be just a random Arab guy) crying over what a bunch of fanatics did in his name, and some may find that offensive.

Fatwa This

Also from The Guardian:

Newspapers around Europe, including Libération, Le Monde and Frankfurter Allgemeine have used the image online. The BBC showed it briefly during a newspaper review on Newsnight. In the US, USA Today and the LA Times ran the cover but the New York Times did not. The Guardian is running this cover as its news value warrants publication.

Scary to realize that Stinque has bigger balls than the Gray Lady.


What’s the big fucking deal about the New York Times? Is there anyone who still holds that rag in high regard? It’s been getting shit wrong as long as I can remember (reading it in HS in the mid-80s). Not to mention how many times other news agencies have shown its FUBAR editorial process in the past decade and a half.

The “Gray Lady” has been a shriveled old prune for a long time now and it’s time to stop pretending she shouldn’t be shoved into a dark corner of the rest home.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Sadly there’s no other U.S. ‘Merikah media outlet that I would point to as some sort of sentient national paper of record. WaPo is owned by now. Chicago and El Ay and Houston papers are owned by crazy Republicans. San Fran Chronic is nothing but click bait and a few good columnists. That leaves…USA Today? (click bait)… Wall Street Journal? (Crazy Republicans)…. Christian Science Monitor (umm, crazy religion but honestly some good writing in there)?

Maybe that’s the point — I go to the Beeb and Guardian websites when I wake up before skimming what the US media is spewing.

Are any of the Freedom Fries and Surrender Monkeys blowhards still wailing about how the cowardly French abandoned us in our hour of need? I would submit this cover as a lesson in both courage and forgiveness our own country doesn’t seem to exhibit much these days.

The reality of this is even more thrilling to me than the make-believe singing of La Marseillaise to the Nazis in “Casablanca”.

Maybe good news. I have an interview next week for a technical job. On top of that I am one of the candidates for an internal position that will get me (mostly) out of the production floor and the rotating shift schedule (and HR be damned.)

@ManchuCandidate: That’s great news, Manchu.

P.S. You may have lots of company soon.

U.S. Government Offers 100 Million Americans Generous Severance Deal To Leave Country

“I’ve seen the direction America has been headed in for a while, so when they gave me the opportunity to look for a new country while still receiving federal grant money for graduate school, I jumped on it,” said Chicago resident Mark Ipser, 32, admitting that long before he was offered severance, he had been using a significant portion of his time in the U.S. to “scope out” potential countries where he now plans to apply for citizenship. “I’ve already got some promising leads in Europe—those Scandinavian countries offer incredible health plans, and the vacation days don’t hurt, either. And if all else fails, I can just take a quick residence opportunity in Central America while I look for more stable, long-term citizenship somewhere else.”

“Granted, I gave some of the best years of my life to the U.S.,” he continued. “But with all of the bullshit I’ve had to deal with recently, I’m not going to miss this place one bit.”

News of the world Dept: This news article does not mention whether the perp was wearing a kilt:

@Dodgerblue: Darling, he was in Manchester. That is not Scotland. That’s not even the north. And if you were in Manchester I daresay you’d try to fuck a pillar-box, too.

Mind you, even Manchester can have glamour. In our early days the hubby and I were both working on a mini-series filmed by Granada. In those days Nobody Knew Our Shameful Secret. We’d have secret rendezvous in dark corners of middle eastern restaurants and dream of better tomorrows. Next day in the studio we’d behave as if we hardly knew each other all the while knowing that last night we’d eaten each other’s cous cous. Sigh.

Thus confirming that Manchester is all shirt-lifters and postbox-humpers.

@Benedick: One hopes that Chief Justice Roberts — tell me he’s not gay, go ahead, tell me — will not vote for a return of those days.

@Dodgerblue: I know men who are nostalgic for those times: will he kiss me or punch my lights out?

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