Hey, Allah! BLOW ME!

Sorry, I can’t draw.


11:09 pm • Friday • January 9, 2015

Even some Iranian nutjob said such attacks cause more harm to Islam than cartoons.

11:18 am • Saturday • January 10, 2015

@blogenfreude: Of all the excellent political cartoons to come out of the senseless tragedies of this week (including the massacre of hundreds of innocents by Boko Haram in Nigeria, which was barely a blip on U.S. radar screens), my favorite (which I, naturally, can’t track down at the moment and must instead feebly describe to you) depicts a Muslim with an Islamic fundamentalist on one side shouting “Infidel!” and a Westerner on the other side shouting “Terrorist!” That about sums it up.

6:03 pm • Saturday • January 10, 2015

@mellbell: Thank you.

10:14 pm • Saturday • January 10, 2015

Attention tehrists–this is ‘Murica, and at the slightest hint of trouble we start shooting in all directions.

2:24 pm • Sunday • January 11, 2015

@blogenfreude: The head of Hezbollah, of all people, said that. Is this akin to the mainstream Republicans looking down on the Tea Party?

10:13 pm • Friday • January 16, 2015

I blame Ben Gazzara & Obama!

And porn actresses named Brie!

Oh, and any other of the scumbag fundamentalist Believers
in any of the 3 main sects of Abrahamic Monotheism who think
that Their God wants them to Convert &/or murder Others.

P.S. The only good thing I have ever found out
about Mohammed is that he loved cats.

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