janet-porterThey just can’t let go of the charming old racist

The president of conservative pro-family group Faith2Action last weekend announced the pre-launch of ReaganBook, a social networking site described as “the Facebook for patriots,” according to Right Wing Watch.

Porter lamented that “while tomorrow Facebook employees are gathering to go march at the gay pride parade in San Francisco,” they are censoring people with “unpopular opinions.”

Is it possible their unpopular opinions are the reason they are, ever so slowly, being forced from polite society.

Talking Points Memo

I would like to start a “Best Blowjob in Hollywood” group on Raygunbook.

@ManchuCandidate: go ahead … and after a brief perusal, I’m convinced at least one of the 35 or so accounts is a troll. Should be more fun than Conservapedia.

@blogenfreude: You slut. I just came here to alert the thinking internet community to put down its Cheetos, turn off Walking Dead and bask in the fun of Reagan. I am nancyblowjob, aka Nancy Reagan. I see that manchu is blowing hard. That makes me proud. It won’t last long, people. Strike a blow for democracy.

I, too, have noticed an alarming lack of sadistic, bloviating, neo-nutzie, hate-KKKrayzed, submoronic, neo-fascist, far-white assholes on the internets. Their absence is particularly acute on Yahoo News and the Seattle Times comments sections.

@nojo: I at least want dinner and a movie first.

Laura Bush remains the only FLOTUS who kilt a man.

@nojo: Good job, boys. The website is off-line to verify members.

@SanFranLefty: Clearly, they don’t know who they’re dealing with. We’ve brought better websites that that to their knees.

@Mistress Cynica: Nancy Reagan said much the same thing about her fellatin’ skills, darling.

@peggynooner: I’m wondering whether it’s true that Grace Kelly said, when she became engaged to Prince Rainier, that the best thing about it was that she would never need to suck another Jewish dick.

@Dodgerblue: I’ve heard that about someone else. Not Rock Hudson. The Nancy Davis story I heard from a woman who wrote a biography of Reagan himself. One can only congratulate her on her skills and hope Ronnie reciprocated. Since he was married to Jane Wyman he was pretty much used to getting down on his knees. That she made him wear a dog collar and call her Mistress has never been proved and is only mentioned here to add balance.

So the bear came back this morning (I’m calling him Tom. Not had a chance to ask if he was recently in Provincetown for bear week) and tore apart what was left of the peach tree. It was damn lucky for him there were no pugs on patrol. Damn lucky.

Here’s a question: what is the most luxurious hotel in San Francisco that would have been long-established in 1920? Was there a Ritz? I’m not talking Day’s Inn, people.

Plus, to go to law skule – say Stanford – do you have to attend some other college first? And like learn to count so you can do billing? Speaking of Stanford, as in 1920 it was recently founded would its standards be high? No stop laughing. If it had standards would they be high?

Peter Lawford’s autobiography discusses Nancy’s mad skills. Can’t look right now, but I’m sure the excerpt is online somewheres.

@blogenfreude: …it’s dead.

One would have expected over twenty years of megalomania and dementia first.

@blogenfreude: Turns out it was Lawford’s wife’s biography of him (published in 1988, four years after his death):

In The Peter Lawford Story: Life With the Kennedys, Monroe and the Rat Pack, Lawford’s widow Patricia said:

Peter was watching the news right after Reagan was elected. He went over to the set, laughing and calling Mrs Reagan a vulgar name. I was shocked and wanted to know what was bothering him. He laughed again and said that when she was single, Nancy Davis was known for giving the best head in Hollywood. Then Peter told of driving to the Phoenix area with Nancy and Bob Walker [the actor who Lawford claims was Nancy’s lover at the time]. Nancy would visit her parents, Dr and Mrs Loyal Davis, while Peter and Walker picked up girls at Arizona State University in Tempe, a Phoenix suburb. He claimed that she entertained them orally on those trips, apparently playing with whichever man was not driving at the moment. I have no idea if Peter was telling the truth, though I have to assume he was because Peter was not one to gossip.

Nancy’s mouth must have worked its magic. Betty Powers, one of the bevy of models and starlets Reagan was running around with at the time, said that Reagan was so obsessed with his ex Jane Wyman that he could not get it up. Nancy must have given him oral encouragement.

Interestingly, in the same section the author (some hack who’s written a whole series on “Sex Lives of the [Fill in the Blank],” amongst other dreck) refers to another book on the Reagans as “scurrilous” and a “hatchet job.”

@mellbell: thanks for setting me straight … knew it had something to do with Lawford.

@Benedick: The National Trust for Historic Preservation has you covered. I’d go with the Palace Hotel. Built in 1875, demolished after the Great Earthquake, reopened in 1909. Warren G. Harding died there, that sly dog. Sadly, my favorite, the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville (I refuse to call it the Seelbach Hilton), isn’t listed — the basement alone merits inclusion, and it’s mentioned in The Great Gatsby, ferchrissakes.

@mellbell: Nancy’s mouth must have worked its magic.

The cockwhisperer.

@Benedick: I agree with Mistress Cynica re: the St. Francis. It’s also the hotel where in 1921 Fatty Arbuckle had a raging party that resulted in his trials for rape and manslaughter.

W/r/t getting in to Stanford Law in the ’20s – starting in 1924, Stanford Law required a bachelor’s degree for admission. The law school was in the first group to become accredited by the ABA. One interesting distinction about Stanford, as opposed to the East Coast schools, is that it admitted women from its founding.

/Go Tree

@SanFranLefty: California also has, and had, a system whereby a person could apprentice for a practicing lawyer for a number of years and then sit for the bar exam without having gone to law school.

@Mistress Cynica: Perfect. It lines up with the St. Regis and the Grammercy Park hotels in NYC that I’m using.

@SanFranLefty: He attends Stanford in 1910. From an old CT family. Father’s a judge. Why would go to law school in CA? Good question. Would it be a four year course? Six? How would he then practice in CT? He should be home a couple of years and then enlist. He’s very brilliant and handsome and marries an opera singer. Of course it all ends in bitterness and regret but the CA section should be an idyll. So it should be the perfect legal education, part of a story-book life.

@ManchuCandidate: I may have posted this before but I saw them up close once when they came backstage after a performance of a show I was in. It was about a year after he left office and I thought he clearly didn’t know where he was but retained his affability. Surrounded by secret service she was a tiger watching over him, holding onto his arm, while maintaining the demeanor of a public person enjoying some down time. I was very impressed and moved by them both: most particularly by her. Sometimes the only option left us by life is to behave well: she behaved beautifully.

@¡Andrew!: Yo. I voted. When someone is running unopposed, I write myself it. If you write me in, too, I’ll have two votes! Unless you want to write yourself in. How about this: On even years, we vote for me, and on odd years, we vote for you.

@¡Andrew!: Who says he didn’t do me standing up in an alley?

@JNOV: Do tell… (do the gals have their own Penthouse Forum?).

I voted weeks ago, or I’d totally write you in. Remind me in mid-October. I hate it when people run unopposed, especially the RepubliKKKans. For those, I stick with the classics: Bugs Bunny, Marvin Martian, Jesus H. Christ (he’s Latino, and it’s pronounced Hey-Soos).

@nojo: really. I was like, “Noooooooooooooo!”

@¡Andrew!: Haha! Mickey Mouse has received my vote. I think we can keep it in the Stinque family. We could always write in Manchu Candidate. Think they’ll arrest us?

W/r/t Big Fucking Deal, if I paid attention to DE when I was younger, I’d be angling for something. Going to Chadds Ford hoping to spot Andrew Wyeth got boring.

W/r/t Kiddo – looks like learning to code for a couple of years is beating grad school. He seems a bit bummed.

@Nojo: SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT!! Spoilerrrr A-LERT One of the astronauts looked like Christa McAuliffe.

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