Hotties of the World Cup, Day 6

Three matches are on for today, Mexico v. Brazil at noon (Stinque World Domination Headquarters Time) will be the one to watch.  Vincent Kompany, today’s hottie, will lead Belgium against Algeria in the first match of the day.  Algeria has never scored a goal in a World Cup game, so Belgium is heavily favored to win today’s game and the group.

There were some nice shirtless pics, but I didn't want to be completely unproductive at work.



Hey Stinque Legal Eagles who know about Indian law (aka RML, JNOV, Jamie), how about this decision by the US Patent Office regarding the DC American-football team? Do you think it will stick?

@SanFranLefty: Last I heard, the case was predicated on “Redskin” being a slur, and thus not being trademarkable. An appeal would have to make the legal case that Redskins aren’t Niggers, and thus should make for delightful reading.

@nojo: I want to get one of those “New York Hymies” hats.

Follow-up: Name loses trademark, illustration remains protected.

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