Hotties of the World Cup, Day 7

It’s been a great week so far of soccer/football. Today’s game to watch is Spain v. Chile at noon SWDHQ time. Today’s hottie is the Swedish-born Chilean player Miiko Albornoz.  His father is Chilean, his mother Finnish, he’s still working on learning Spanish.  He plays professionally for Malmo FF in Sweden.

I like Swedish meatballs.



Dated a Finnish woman once – this explains the forehead you can show a movie on …

@blogenfreude: Hey, I resemble that remark! We call it the five-head around these parts.

Copa del Mundo Dept: Costa Rica wins and England are eliminated (as the Irish announcer says). The Queen is not amused.

Came across this one searching for images of this guy. The connection isn’t clear to me but what the heck-

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