Hotties of the World Cup, Day 5

The match up of most interest to the football fans is this morning’s game of Germany v. Portugal, the one of most interest here in ‘Merikah is US v. Ghana at 3 pm.  Ghana has beaten the U.S. the last two times the teams met, but today’s hottie Graham Zusi will try to keep that from happening a third time.

God Bless America

And here’s the Monday mitzvah for Dodger and Bloggie — an action shot of Alex Morgan from the U.S. women’s national team.

You're welcome


Truly I say unto you, Leftie, that you are doing the almighty’s work for us–thank you! Graham was one of the chosen for this World Cup hottie tournament too. Here ’tis, in case you need any additional inspiration.

@flippin eck: Thank you! Wow, a tournament of hotties, I should have thought of that.

@flippin eck: The categories are brilliant. When picking hotties to pass along to Lefty, my thinking was similar. “I’m not really into tattoos / Macklemore hair / shaved heads, but if I were…”

@Dodgerblue: Someone who doesn’t appreciate that most women are not overly fond of wide horizontal stripes?

I like the Ghana team’s uniforms.

USA! USA! Wait — now we get to play Portugal and Germany?

I would totally let her kick me …

Is there a Sport event in early July that makes men want to gather in rooms to watch big screen TVs while drinking beer?

@Benedick: What Lefty said. And since beisbol is so slow, there is lots to time to hike to the fridge for more beers. My wife says that futbol will never be a big TV sport here because there are no breaks in the action for commercials.

@Dodgerblue: True.

However, I’ve learned that if you concentrate every single soccer fan in EssEff in one small bar, you can create the illusion that Americans like this sport.

@libertarian tool: Also the Brit Pub down the hill.

Keef mentioned the other night that folks have been proclaiming soccer the Next Big Thing for pretty much the span of our lifetimes. Watch how quickly interest dies after Team USA is rudely excused.

Kershaw threw a no-hitter for the Bums tonight, striking out 15. Plus he has two Cy Young awards. Not too shabby, eh?

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