Hotties of the World Cup, Day 1

Start blowing those vuvuzelas, girls and gheyz! Hotties of the World Cup is back.  You’re welcome.

Neymar is getting all the attention from Team Brazil, but I’d like to introduce you to Willian. What a beautiful smile.

oh hai



Just emailed you a bunch of my favorites. I like Willian, too, but upon narrowing the field down to only one hottie per team (Team USA excepted, naturally), Dante got my nod for Brazil instead.

@mellbell: I’m going to do one hottie from one of the games being played on a given day. Brazil will play again, so Dante could still show up.

@SanFranLefty: I still recall the flag-draped Dutch gal you posted during the last World Cup. You set a high bar, so to speak, but with this kind of talent in Brazil I’m looking fwd to you leaping over the bar, kind of like this.

Wait. This business doesn’t happen yearly? What is it? The Olympics minus all of the cool sports?

@JNOV: Every four years. Time flies, sister, I feel like I was just posting these beefcakes yesterday.

@SanFranLefty: It does, doesn’t it? (Pssst, Cristiano.)

BuzzKill Alert: WTF, Iraq? WTF, Obama? Can we just close our eyes for five years? I don’t want this type of job security. If only enlisted could fucking quit like officers can. I hope these kids run like hell before their brains snap. They’re killing themselves.

To be fair about this world cup thing here is Vanessa Martins Willians

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