Dead Body Kept on Respirator Thanks to Texas Anti-Abortion Laws

From the cover of the UK edition of Handmaid's Tale. Because I couldn't think of any other illustration to use.I’m sure you’re shocked, downright shocked, to hear that this story comes out of Texas.

Marlise Munoz lies in a North Texas hospital, 19 weeks pregnant but with no chance of seeing her child born.

Her husband, Erick Munoz, says a doctor told him she’s brain dead, but John Peter Smith Hospital is refusing to allow him to take her off of life support. The hospital says Texas law prohibits it from following a family directive when a pregnancy is involved, although three experts say the hospital is misreading the law in question.

[…] John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth is pointing to a provision of the Texas Advance Directives Act that reads: “A person may not withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment under this subchapter from a pregnant patient.”

It doesn’t happen often kids, but I’m at a complete fucking loss for words. I don’t know where the hell to start.

[ABC News: Pregnant, Brain Dead Woman Kept on Life Support]

Once again, Texas leads the nation … in exactly the wrong direction.

@blogenfreude: And I posted this as a native Texan. Needless to say, all of my friends and family who reside in the state and are sentient progressive beings are equally horrified.

If you’re not doing anything this fall, I’d recommend taking a leave of absence from your job and go down to Texas and do some GOTV for Wendy Davis. And I don’t mean do GOTV in Austin, the Rio Grande Valley, or San Antonio. [Go to those places on Election Day to observe elections so brown folks and women aren’t disenfranchised.] Go to East Texas, Dallas, Panhandle. Ann Richards pulled it off in 1990, it can be done again, if enough Republican/Independent women are convinced to vote for her.

Schock “shocker.”

CBS journo outs Aaron after discussing hypocrisy (Schock’s less than shocking anti-gay record.)

@ManchuCandidate: Homofascist and Benedick called it what, four years ago?

Her poor husband should tell the assholes at the hospital to forward all medical bills to the assholes in the Lege.

There are a dozen states (including TX and my home state, MI) with an automatic override of DNR requests if a woman is pregnant, and 20+ more that have legal grey area in this matter. It’s atrocious to think that I could be turned into a flesh-and-blood incubator against my will.

As some of you know, I’m job searching right now, and in the course of this search my family has asked me on several occasions if/when I’m moving back to MI. Between this fuckery and Michigan’s recent and totally insane “rape insurance” law, I can comfortably say NO WAY IN HELL is this happening.

@flippin eck: Darling, there are enough spare rooms, futons, and sleeping bags in Stinque Nation to keep you from ever being forced to do that.

Who is going to pay the therapy bills for a child who grows up knowing his/her mother was mostly dead for an extended period but kept artificially functioning for the sole purpose of birthing said child? Then, at the moment of the child’s birth, the mother’s carcass is pitched aside like an old newspaper. Messed-up is an understatement.

So this is where “conservative family values” takes us.

@Dave H:

There are apparently people in the world who read The Handmaid’s Tale and thought, “fuck yeah, this sounds like a GREAT idea!”

@al2o3cr: Margaret Atwood recently wrote a fascinating reflection, Haunted by The Handmaid’s Tale, about what was going on behind-the-scenes when she was writing the novel as well as her thought processes for how she created the incredibly complex social structure of the Republic of Gilead. Hard to believe that we’re closing in on the 30th anniversary of the novel’s publication and women’s rights are in such dire straits still in the US.

@¡Andrew!: Thanks for the linque.

I know you crazy kids didn’t want any wedding presents, so I made a little donation to Equality Utah in honor of you and Mr. Andrew getting hitched last week.

@SanFranLefty: ¡Qué maravilloso!
Muchas gracias ; )

@¡Andrew!: Congrats.

@SanFranLefty: Thinking – ballparking here – spitballing, as they say – I’d go down to help the Wendy Davis election by greeting voters as ‘Darling! Um.. do you really mean to be wearing quite so much blush? Oh well, no, fine. Just think horseshoes not puddles. And no no no… the blush does not go near the mouth. Unlike the donuts (AmE). And gracious, all those enchanting tykes are yours? I didn’t know one woman could produce so many. Oh I see. Oh I see. Oh I see. Oh I see. Still. I daresay you could teach them to juggle.

@Dave H: Shakespeare had Posthumous in Cymbeline. Mind you, he was so named when born after his father’s death. So, yah.

@flippin eck: Chrissake, come to New York. All we do is dance about the streets and look out at Central Park from the windows of our penthouses. You’ll love it.

And poor Aaron Schock. He’s being mocked on gay sites for his silk madras pants which I thought was unkind cause they were kind of dreamy in a Brooks Bros kind of way (Flashback! Pale blue cotton boxers. A rough kind of smile. Despicable behavior. Need to forgive a man who grew up in the rough and tumble of the mill. A Johnny millworker… ) though he has much to learn from our president regarding the way a man ties a necktie. It seems that now the RNC is desperate for him to come out but he doesn’t want to embarrass his mother. Or the rest of humanity.

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