The White Santa Gangs of New York

Yes, Megyn, there is a White Santa Claus. Many of them. And they’re pissed.

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I am seriously impressed with the actress is in the Chicago (the musical) not the MSNBC advert .

This shows getting laid off a couple weeks ago wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I would be getting off work about the time the Santas were crawling to the third bar of the night.

@blogenfreude: Sorry that you got laid off. This whole (air-quotes) “economic recovery” thingy is such total bullshit.

I told the people at my new-ish, post-grad school, white-collar sweatshop job today that I’m just not a good fit for the position (“please fire me”). Remember the scene in Aliens when they find the last surviving, alien-impregnated colonist, and she’s all “…kill me… keeeeell meeeeeeeee!!!” Yeah, it’s like that.

I’m gonna be out on the street corner on Christmas Eve screamin’ “booty for sale!”

@¡Andrew!: keep that job until you get the next one … (my advice).

@blogenfreude: Sweet FSM, I’m trying–those air-head recruiters just hate me for some reason. It’s like I’ve done porn, but without lube or the happy ending.

@Tommmcatt Says Pull My Finger: Is there a difference? I can’t seem to tease a decent job outta those freaks with a stick.

And my current job would be so awesome if I had better management. Why is it that people who are horrible at managing people are always put in charge of managing people?

@¡Andrew!: I did the Journalist Thing for eighteen months, quit…

…and by that fall, I was flipping pizzas.

For the next two years.

But that was Going Boho for me — quit the career as well as the job. Haven’t worked full-time since. Intentionally.

@JNOV: Camping dead. One needs to ask: did he see it coming?

@blogenfreude: Sorry to hear this. I’m suspecting that you are not up to expert level with your sitting around the house skillz. Not as easy as it looks. Hope you’re bitching about your next appointment soon.

@¡Andrew!: My gay cousin is like the Youropeon expert on how to hire the right person. He got so successful he and his husband had to move to motherfucking Lausanne. Don’t know about you but my heart’s bleeding. Needless to say I embarrass him. Mind you, I embarrass a lot of people. Myself included. Did I mention that we have two feet of snow? I say “Walkies!” and the pugs are like, You are fucking kidding me. Expecting the new shipment of vodka to be airdropped in tomorrow.

Make them fire you. Because unemployment.

My new plan is: Start a blog.

Something something.

Buy estate at Malibu.

ADD: The New Zealand escape is out. They’re renaming it Avatardia.

@Benedick: You say “Walkies!” like that old lady dog trainer? What was her name? She wore a picnic tablecloth.

Barbara Woodhouse.

Did you resuce your lost work from the Krampus?

@JNOV: (hugs!)

P.S. Check your email.

@Benedick: Call it Maliblog, get some pictures of some fine-a$$ (pug) bitches, tell the venture capitalists that it’ll have photo-sharing and IM capabilities, and then they’ll give you ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Ur welcom.

@¡Andrew!: :-)


1. Collect dancebelts

2. ?

3. Profit

@¡Andrew!: Gad! I think you’re on to something! (As the actress said… )

@JNOV: Dancebelts are their own profit.

Pages crashes like crazy. I’m on recipe-sharing terms with Apple support.

I don’t actually say ‘Walkies!’ I’m more inclined to say ‘Get the fuck outside!’

@Benedick: What does the bishop say to the actress?

@Benedick: Glad to see that you are sensitive to the Pugs’ plight.

Anyone remember Mike Royko the columnist for the Chicago papers. He once did a column on inconsiderate dog owners with short dogs taking them out into deep snow. Funny column. Great writer.

@DElurker: My college roomies were from Chicago, from which dates my Royko Awareness. I probably have a paperback of columns in a box somewhere.

@¡Andrew!: Remember this: fuck them, they work for you. Especially the headhunters- they will pretend to be in charge of the process, but the thing to remember is that most of them would literally sell their mother into slavery for the commission. Their greed is your advantage.

The problem is that the only places hiring right now are places where it is hellish to work. I’ve finally got a great gig to keep me going while I go to school, but I lucked out.

@Benedick: The secret to unemployment is to get some kind of confirmation that the separation is by mutual agreement, if you can’t get a firing. Mutual agreement is as good as a firing, and it leaves the employer absolutely no ground to challenge you on.

@DElurker: Loved his “gun owner of the year” awards.

I’m sorry to hear that. Been there.

Isn’t it always the case? The decisions of my manager sometimes bugs me because I did pretty much his exact job over a decade ago and there are better ways of leading (yes, leading) people. My current manager can be a meathead sometimes, but he’s still better than another shift manager who is smart and arrogant and quite delusional or the ratfucking weasel running the 3rd shift.

As for why? Because unless those at the top are secure in their abilities and talents then they prefer promoting meatheads who make them look better in comparison or won’t threaten their position. Failing upwards is a skill.

In USA Today – Brian Boitano Anounces He’s Gay –

Did anyone not know this? Maybe besides USA Today. I guess maybe one of the Duck guys.

@DElurker: I don’t get the Shock! about Rednecks being Redneck. But given my background, when I hear “Duck Dynasty”, I think lavish overspending on University of Oregon football.

@DElurker: Funny, because when reading the big names of the U.S. delegation to the Sochi Olympics (Boitano, Billie Jean King, et al.), I just assumed that Janet Napolitano was the only one who wasn’t openly gay.


So not only did my employer not fire me like I begged them to, they put me in charge of a critical firm-wide project that begins in January (probably a death march). Jesus fucking Christ–what’s it gonna take???

@nojo: I am surprised there haven’t been infringement lawsuits.

@¡Andrew!: Go in a dress with a cigarette in a long holder, sit on his desk, show him your legs, blow smoke in his face and call him Darling.

Unless he’s a Republican which would make you his object of fantasy.

I don’t know. Say you’re black?

@DElurker: It gets complicated, especially since the UO licenses Donald from Disney. And then created Generic Duck to get around royalties.

Dear Yahweh: a good friend of my wife’s died of cancer today. She was a warm, funny person who, as a single parent, put everthing she had into raising a troubled gay son, and who never said an unkind word about anyone. And yet Henry Kissinger still lives. Anything you’d like to say to me?

@Dodgerblue: Fuck cancer. My sympathies to you and Mrs. Dodger. How is her son doing?

@mellbell: I was wondering if leading the delegation was Janet’s way of inching out of the closet.

@mellbell: @SanFranLefty: When I heard the delegation list, my first thought was, “what do you mean two gay athletes? Isn’t half the delegation gay?”

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