Mac McGarry (1926-2013)


It’s Academic is a DC-area quiz show that features teams of high school students competing for … not much. I was an alternate to the alternates – I was never going to be on the show. I went to a couple tapings however, and this guy put other game show hosts to shame. A bit of my childhood.


So was this like a local version of College Bowl? And did they do that cool splitscreen top/bottom thing with the teams?

And between College Bowl and the Gorgan, should I also be instructing Today’s Youth to keep a healthy distance from my lawn?

Played trivia with a couple of It’s Ac alums tonight. They are, as you might you well imagine, damn good trivia players.

@nojo: this was the cheapest set I have ever seen, and I sat in Tom Brokaw’s chair on the DC set where he did remote shit.

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