Parades, Football, Family Arguments, and This

Every time we think we’re ready to let go of the Talibunny Turkey Beheading, we just can’t. It’s only been five years, but it’s also been forever — forever in our heart, forever in the idea that some form of this must go back to the Greeks somehow, a sacrifice to Hermes that went horribly wrong, leading to the creation of Hades: a place where the living go to die, only to discover that there is no escape from other Departed Assholes, a Memento Mori that we the living are both Turkey and Executioner.

Or maybe it’s because we just can’t stop giggling at it. There’s also that.


Happy Thanksgiving, kids! I’m having a lovely day. Challah French toast with HALF A FUCKING POUND OF BACON ALL TO MYSELF!

It just isn’t the start of the holiday without it.

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