The Great Debate Rages



As Washington approaches the official deadline for the default of our economy (the massive harm already inflicted will unfold over years and is well under way: Fitch has taken us off A rating to ‘Watch’) we have been alerted to the debate that cuts to the heart of our being.

Do we ‘come’ or do we, as I believe, ‘cum.’

Preference or grammar? Two sentences for your consideration:

A: ‘Did you come in those pants?’ As in, dude, what a fashion statement.

B: Did you cum in those pants? As in, dude, you’ll want to pre-soak.

The debate, masterfully handled by Mr. Dan Savage, rages in the comments at Savage Love. So far it seems that the ‘comers’ outnumber ‘cummers’. This to me is the okay/OK debate reignited. Brits tend to write OK (which I believe to be the correct form so case closed), Americans tend to prefer the pathetically flaccid ‘okay’.

To which I say: Where is the explosion in the word? Is it even a word or does it more properly denote an ejaculation? A verbal ‘cumming’ if you will.

Which returns us to ‘cum’. On Twitter: short is good. (This does not always apply to life.)

My money’s on cum. Pass the towel.


Where’d you find that photo of my aunt?

@nojo: She’s from the pretty side of the family? The branch that moved to Yakima and got all fancy?

@Benedick: Hood River, actually, but same diff.

Now don’t you feel bad about not insisting on a gold based currency?

I swear the tea-hadists are only doing this so they can say “I told you so” about fiat currency.

I hope all of you get to view this picture with the “Order Bob Evans Online” ad immediately to the left. The two go together flawlessly.

@Dave H: “Mobile Analytics Vendor Comparison”. You get Chinatown, I get Office Space.

@nojo: And I have AdBlocker, and don’t get any of the not-MSNBC ads anymore.

@Jenny_F: I think you give them too much credit. Understanding the gold standard for them would be like understanding princes and principalities in the later Romances of Shakespeare compared to the Lyric Comedies of his middle years: specifically; how do we understand the otherness of Viola’s transgendering as applied to Frederick carrying logs or Miranda’s awakening.

@Benedick: I thought Frederick was in “Pirates of Penzance”. But hey, I am a heathen colonial.

And speaking of penises…

I just heard and sound grab from Obama that made me snigger in a juvenile manner… ” … Boehner can’t control his caucus…”

Oh, Oh, Oh!!

Please let me know as soon as people start ordering chinese food and getting it delivered to the Congressional Republicans with the message “Better get used to the food of our new owners”

Just a thought.

@Jenny_F: Quite right. It’s Ferdinand in The Tempest. One of Will’s more boring creations he more or less exists in the play so other characters can tell him things the audience needs to know.

Our Chinese debt? Most American debt is owned by Americans. I wonder if the Republicans are trying to force the president into invoking the 14th amendment so they can then impeach him. I’m convinced either way that will be their next project.

@Benedick: Yeah. If they don’t pay us (those of us who are “excepted” and showing up for work)…I think there’s a name for that.

Why yes, I should be getting ready for work. Thanks for noticing.

@Benedick: Yeah, but the Chinese hold what, $1.something trillion in Treasuries? It’s not a drop in the water, and the water is getting deep. SSA, pension and state investments will go kablooie, and that’s a bad thing, but other gov’ts have made up the gap in order to force down the value of the dollar, and they’re going to call that shit in. And the Treasury owns treasuries. So, yeah. Kablooie time.

I’m going to get ready for work when I feel like it. What are they going to do? Fire me?

You know we’re fucked when we’re being chided by Greece.

It would be rich if the IMF moved in and imposed draconian austerity measures. No tea for us!

(I think I’m done)

Don’t you ever wonder what the voters are saying back in Boehner’s bailiwick? Acknowledged, his district is firmly republican, but it also has a large number of government workers + a big number of SS workers right across the river (oddly enough, also a republican stronghold).
Nobody ever reports on the gov contractor responsible for the computer program on the roll-out of Obama care. Without research I would guess it never supplies any of it’s client agencies with a workable product on time and within budget. The FBI and the services are prime examples of on-going problems with IT contracting.
The contractors still get paid on time, however, due to prompt payment legislation. Thanks private industry, the system works.

Speaking of possum . . . About 20 years ago on a driving vacation in the wilds of Arkansas, we came upon one of those lighted portable restaurant signs reading:
I regret not stopping to this day.

@BobCens: The only government agency that has a command of ginormous computer systems is the NSA.

About six minutes left on the House vote. Looking good so far.

Looked for a second as though one Democrat had voted nay, but it must have been a blip in C-SPAN’s bleeding-edge graphics.

285-144 for those of you keeping score at home.

@mellbell: If any Democrat voted against it, I am donating money to their primary challenger.

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