Fox Has Factcheckers?

fox-news-logoThis book should be good:

An organizational flow chart at Fox would be tough to draw up, as title alone was not the ultimate signifier of status. Sometimes the anchors outranked their executive producers, as was the case with “The O’Reilly Factor.” (In fact, Bill had procured an EP title for himself, but he outranked the two other EPs on the show, both Stan, who oversaw TV, radio, and the website, and Gayle, who focused on television and also served as a fact-checker.) Sometimes the anchors were relatively weak — as was the case with a lot of weekend shows, and maybe some of the newswheel hours — and a strong senior producer or producer outranked, or at least pretended to outrank, the host.

Hope there’s an audio version.


Who says a Faux “Fact checker” isn’t there to make sure no facts actually do get aired?

“Nope that’s a fact. You can’t broadcast that!”

Total TJ

Well just finished my first week at work as Jenny instead of Cheapboy. I am so much happier and relaxed, and so able to work better being relaxed.

Life is good now, instead of a struggle. And there’s less washing to do :)

end TJ

Wait. I thought it said ‘Fat Checker’.

In which case it’s who can fit through the doors. I’m loving Megyn’s make-up ‘artist’. I had no idea it was possible to put that much pancake on one woman’s face. Not since Divine have I witnessed such pore suppression. I’m thinking Shirley Eaton in Goldfinger (one of an endless stream of incredibly boring Bond films about how boys get hardons) does Megyn have a hosing station to sluice the make-up from her person before her body shuts down?

I’m so bored by me.

@Jenny_F: A wet kiss on your opening. Many congrats.

@Jenny_F: Yay for you being the true you!

And I have to say, I can’t help but sing “Oh, Jenny Jenny, who can I turn to?” whenever someone says her name is Jenny. Can we ring you at 867-5309?

@Benedick: But speaking of Megyn (purposefully eu-neek/future with the stripper pole spellings of names are the bane of my existence), she did rip Erick Erickson a new asshole.

@Jenny_F: Hats off to you for having the courage to go on this journey. Wishing you the best from the Pacific Northwest ; )

@Jenny_F: So happy for you. A dear friend made the transition several years ago and it’s been a joy to see her come into her own. Interesting side note: she (then he) was married–and still is. They are a devoted lesbian couple now and their marriage shows what true love and commitment is in a way “traditional” marriage does not.

Thanks all! It’s good to be finally out enough to get about!

@Benedick: I have it on good authority that she’s a reptilian. Same spaceship as Cindy McCain.

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