Happy Masturbation Month, Y’all!

Did you know that May is International Masturbation Month?

Well, what are you waiting for?

Get going, go on there and celebrate it!

[Good Vibrations via SFist]


1:37 pm • Thursday • May 2, 2013

I’ve been celebrating all year!!!

2:00 pm • Thursday • May 2, 2013

Sometimes twice a day when life gets really tense.

2:02 pm • Thursday • May 2, 2013

The Daily Show recently introduced me to one of my new favorite words: Procrasturbating – when you’ve got a ton of things to do, yet you’re jacking off instead (and who hasn’t been there, really–isn’t that why the FSM gave us the internet?)

2:23 pm • Thursday • May 2, 2013

/double fucking newsflash/

For those of us who’ve been desperately praying that Maya Angelou will read aloud the infamous Deranged Sorority Girl email, well, we’ll just have to keep waiting.

HOWEVER! A Morgan Freeman impersonator provided us with the next best thing. NSFW, obvs.

“Bitches got told,” indeed.

2:42 pm • Thursday • May 2, 2013

@¡Andrew!: I will email you privately a song that is entitled “Procrasturbation” by Atlanta’s favorite electrosex band, Le Sexoflex. When I get home.

2:45 pm • Thursday • May 2, 2013

@rptrcub: Le Soloflex? Sign. Me. Up.

2:51 pm • Thursday • May 2, 2013

@Andrew: I’m not going to dare venture to the site right now but I think the link is http://lesexoflex.bandcamp.com. Tumblr here.

3:10 pm • Thursday • May 2, 2013

@rptrcub: Time to start celebrating! At home – NSFW – yowza!

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