Our Galtian Overlords

Because why do anything to help people get jobs so they spend money so maybe the economy doesn’t tank again …

You can check out the further adventures of this asshole here.


The reason jobs are important because it keeps us plebes busy and not thinking about ways to hurt assholes like you, Rick. Especially those who pushed mergermainia and over hyped the tech bubble which overextended a 100 year old company and saddled them with debt up to their eyeballs, then push that they hire a bunch of dimwitted MBAs who don’t know shit about the bidniz, cut jobs left and right to satisfy shitheels like you and then watch it all blow up taking a whole pile of well paying jobs and pensions down with it.

Yup. Thanks to some incredible mismanagement by CNBC loving execubots and former Jack Welch proteges, I find myself at the age of 42 having to start over (and I mean really start over.)

@Mistress Cynica:
I can sort of laugh about it. Not really.

@ManchuCandidate: I’m doing it at 46. Not exactly fun, but it can be interesting.

I was talking to a friend about the so-called trajectory of life — how there’s supposed to be this arc or something. Detours are okay as long as you get back on the arc. She wrote:

I grew up thinking that there was this linear progression to human existence. Step by step, on to perfection. Everything was lined up like the steps on the board game of Candy Land.

Now I see it is not like that at all. Evolution is not exactly a progression toward anything in particular. Humans keep making the same mistakes. Sometimes life is circular or erratic. Circumstance and contingency are bigger factors that influence what we are, both as individuals and a animals.

So on we go…

Nojo, would you mind if I sent a threatening letter to Kim Jong Un on the blog? It may provide novel publicity for the web site.

@ManchuCandidate: Starting over at age 38 here. I was only sort-of kidding when I mentioned a few weeks ago that the best offer I’ve received has been to join the Others on the Island.

(Which I will totally accept if such an offer is forthcoming, I should add.)

@FlyingChainSaw: Funny, you don’t look like Dennis Rodman.

Your friend is probably right. Those lives that go in perfect arcs are a rarity.

Yeah, I know. It’s still tough. It’s even tougher knowing everyone around you is moving forward and your life’s on hold (yet time doesn’t stop.)

The saddest part is that if my situation were due to my own ineptitude then I’d be more understanding of it. I’d be no less happy though. Then I see this shit spewed from assholes like Santelli and I start to lose my mind. That self important arrogant motherfucker and his mindset (and those like him) are a large part of why so many of us are having to start over again.

Stalin made a pretty good point about statistics which isn’t surprising since he used them… (one death is a tragedy, millions of deaths are a statistic.)

Anyway, off to the drug mines.

@al2o3cr: She’s confused critical thinking and decision-making. I do believe this country will be the death of the world.

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