Sandy baby now thinks Bush v. Gore maybe wasn’t such a good idea.


O’Connor Questions Court’s Decision to take Bush v. Gore [Chicago Tribune]

@¡Andrew!: Right? Talk about outrage overload… my head just reasploded.

I am sure the families of the innocent Iraqis and soldiers needlessly killed are overjoyed at her pronouncement.

It’s a sad day when the possibility of a Joe Lie Admin (post Gore) would have been a better option than what actually happened under the Cheney “Admin.”

@blogenfreude: Not to mention the millions of Americans who have struggled with unemployment since 2007.

She must think that getting flipped the double bird is how the young people say “hello” these days.

In related news, perhaps Breyer should rethink this whole bicycle thing:

Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer underwent shoulder-replacement surgery Saturday morning after taking a spill on his bicycle the previous afternoon near the Korean War Veterans Memorial.

It was the third biking accident for the justice, who two years ago broke his right collarbone after a fall near his home in Cambridge, Mass. He suffered more serious injuries in 1993 when he was hit by a car while biking across Harvard Square.

see, this is why I live on an island and watch puppehs kittehs and bunnehs on this thing. how many times can one head asplode? oh sandy sandy sandy. if you can’t take it back, yes, you should just Shut The Fuck Up. so I leave for philly , the real world, on Saturday for 6 months. I have to get involved again while I pick up my little scull pieces. its where Bakette decided to breed, what can I do. I weep for what they are inheriting. yes they, another bun in the oven due to inherit USA! in October.
i’m so fucking old. a bubbie. but I don’t quite look like one yet, makes it difficult to increase my pain meds.

@mellbell: I had the same thought. The guy has all the luck of Wile E. Coyote.

I’m seriously tempted to Photoshop the above picture into an Emperor Palpatine mashup. However, no one outside of this august group of Stinquers would get the joke.

From the Modern History Dept: the first website open to the public was created 20 years ago today, per the LA Times. No, it was not a porn site.

@mellbell: @Dodgerblue: We superannuated ones are apt to forget that our reaction times are slower, our bones are more brittle, and we don’t heal as quickly as we used to.

Starting tomorrow Netflix will no longer have the rights to instantly stream hundreds of titles from the Warner, MGM, and Universal back catalogs (some people, god help them, have dubbed this Streamageddon), and not all of those movies are available on DVD (at least through Netflix, anyway), so tonight I face a choice: The Landlord or Four Days in November. Thoughts?

@lynnlightfoot: All that started happening to me when I was 30. How Kareem managed to play pro ball into his early 40s is a mystery to me.

@Dodgerblue: The rest of us had to wait for Mosaic, later that year.

I don’t recall whether I first saw a beta or 1.0, but I wasn’t terribly impressed. Which is why you don’t hire me to make futuristic predictions.

@mellbell: Haven’t heard of Four Days, but I watched The Landlord a few months back. I found it interesting as a period piece — the period being 1970 — but that’s about it, unless you’re a Hal Ashby completist.

Four Days I would watch, just because of childhood memories of Richard Basehart in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea…

@SanFranLefty: Not to mention the $2.2 trillion tax leveled on all of us. Missing pallets of cash. Massive transfer of wealth to the like of Halliburton and Blackwater. And no one will ever answer for any of it.

@nojo: Turns out Four Days in November is on YouTube, so The Landlord it is. I love Harold and Maude and Being There and wouldn’t mind seeing more of his ’70s ouevre.

@mellbell: I guess I can add Falling Supremes to the list of hazards during my lunchtime runs.

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