Outrage Overload

Media Matters is a site that exists to point and shout – “look at the stupid shit this conservative said!” So nojo and I were talking: how many posts can you do about Louie Gohmert, Virginia Foxx, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and the other GOP idiots who put on clown shoes and bring the crazy every day? Do the four or five people who visit this website get tired of being confronted with the latest right wing obscenity time and time again? Are we tilting at windmills?



T/J Dept of Baby Jesus Weeps: Jets waive Tim Tebow.

I can’t. I’m exhausted from having to be outraged all the time. And if he’s supposed to be amusing he does it so badly. I much admire Rachel Maddow but can’t watch her show for the same reason. We watched her on election night when I thought she was terrific because she wasn’t being entertaining.

I guess the clown car needs to be kept in view but if it were I in the anchor’s seat I would be much more harshly contemptuous of them. By treating them as a joke, he’s sort of complicit.

@Dodgerblue: now we’ve got to figure out how to utilize our remaining 14 quarterbacks.

@Dodgerblue: pretty sure they’re shopping him – my view is that he’s not the problem so much as the coaching is. And if he got protection like Brady does he’d be better.

@blogenfreude: I hate to admit feeling sorry for a USC grad, but I agree that Jets management has let him down. And on the topic of general bitching, I still can’t believe that UCLA hired Steve Fucking Alford as basketball coach.

In other news of Sport, pro basketball player Jason Collins came out of the closet today.

@blogenfreude: @Dodgerblue: What about Rex and his tattoo?

On Collins, it will be most important to see how his former teammates (isn’t he a free agent now?) and stars like Kobe and LeBron react publicly.

@Beggars Biscuit: Kobe has tweeted full support. Jason has a twin who was his teammate in high school and at Stanford, and who played pro for a while. I’m wondering if the twin is gay also.

@Dodgerblue: I never thought I’d say the words, “Good for Kobe,” but there it is. I guess everyone has flashes of decency.-

Like Jerry Springer mining US Amercia’s ample supply of idjits, Media Matters will never run out of stupid.

It would be easier to ignore if there were fewer Gomers and Corn Doggie Style Bachmanns around.

@Dodgerblue: Between Tebow getting axed and Collins coming out of the closet to massive support from others, it’s been a shitty day for fundy Xtian sports fans.

If anyone hasn’t read Collins’ first person essay, I highly recommend it. Those Tree grads can write.

@SanFranLefty: Yeah, but he has the mobility of a tree. He’s 7 fucking feet tall and averaging less than 2 rebounds per game.

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