The More You Didn’t Want to Know

Some day, far in the future, Minnesota high school civics students are going to stumble across a transcript from their state legislature, and learn an important Life Lesson.

[via TPM]

love the vulcan in the blue “priest shirt” behind him who you can see thinking “fascinating”. btw what is with a blue priest shirt? is he an umpire or what?

made it to 1:20, and I usually have a strong stomach for that sort of shit.

T/J Today’s news from Oregon aka Ecotopia: “Police have surrounded a hotel on the Oregon coast where a man accused of killing his grandparents is holed up.

Michael Boysen, 26, of Washington state is suspected of killing Robert and Norma Taylor, both in their 80s, after he got out of prison for burglary. Officials believe he killed the Taylors at their home and fled with their car.

The WestShore Oceanfront Suites overlooks the Pacific Ocean in sleepy Lincoln City, Ore. A property manager at the hotel saw Boysen’s face on a TV broadcast about the killings and realized the man was staying at the hotel — and under his own name.

“It wasn’t an alias,” the motel’s owner, Kent Landers of Vancouver, told the Oregonian. “How stupid is that?””

According to the Seattle Times, he killed his grandparents after they had a “Welcome Home from Prison” party for him.

Went through there last summer. That place is the cracker to Tillamook’s cheese.

@redmanlaw: And between Tillamook and Lincoln City there’s Pacific City, home of the dory boats.

My dad loves dory boats: flat-bottomed fishing boats. You land them by gunning for the beach, raising the prop at the last second, and sliding in. We’d make a side trip just to watch them.

What is this obsession with buttsecks? It’s not that popular. A survey a few years back in the Advocate found that less than 40% of gay American men favored it. (Mostly coming from CA obviously) and when you got to Europe it was even less popular. Les Franch, for example, overwhelmingly opting for le frottage. But leaving that aside, this loon is actually arguing in favor of marriage equality as only marriage can stop the indiscriminate buttsecksing going on in the purple depths of his perfervid imagination.

Still no Pope. How long before they order out for some altarboys?

@ManchuCandidate: White smoke spotted. New Pope or really big spliff?

I would hope spliff, but probably new pope.

@Dodgerblue: Mummified ejaculate seems more likely, especially since it was revealed this week that the Vatican bought housing for priests that coincidentally includes Europe’s largest gay bath house.

It’s amazing that they can pull the cocks outta their mouths long enough to condemn all the damned homos to Hell (unless they mean that bar in Manhattan cleverly named Hell).

@¡Andrew!: This will be my 7th Pope. So to speak.

@Benedick: The new guy is from Argentina. I wonder if he gets to wear one of those gaucho hats.

In other lobo news (not the team, RML), California’s only wolf has apparently returned to Oregon after a couple of months in the Golden State. I’m guessing he didn’t like the California sales tax.

@Dodgerblue: OR-7 was born into a pack in northeast Oregon.

Why, so was I!

@nojo: You’ve been in California longer.

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