One of These First Ladies is Not Like the Other


Left: Michelle Obama, presenting the best-picture Oscar last night.

Right: The fashion critics at the Iranian news agency make it work.

Top Iran Newspaper Protects the Oscars from Michelle Obama’s Shoulders [EA WorldView, via TPM]


2:53 pm • Monday • February 25, 2013

Still looks damn good either way.

5:36 pm • Monday • February 25, 2013

They couldn’t shop the bangs?

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: And yes she does. I bet that woman looks good in a bathrobe scooping dogshit off the White House lawn.

6:01 pm • Monday • February 25, 2013

least they didnt give her a burka. whats with the foreground?

and the name of their news agence FARS (farce)

6:03 pm • Monday • February 25, 2013
6:31 pm • Monday • February 25, 2013

@CaptHowdy: Darling. You must understand that I’m afraid of the Irish. I know. It’s racist. I’m not proud. Unless I’m wearing jeans. And I’m not afraid when I meet an Airish gent in a pub and go fuck you you fucken cuntin fucker I will fuck you in the face you cunt and fuck your fucken sister!

Then I smash my pint glass on the bar and jam the broken bits in Sean’s face by way of saying ‘Fancy some sushi, girlfriend?’

But video! Thank you. What a pretty girl. Mmmhmm. Fetching. (note to Catt, no not ‘felching’) Dead Les Miz. The kind of girl you’d want as a babysitter. She can feed the bairns Guinness. As a lalland Scot I can kind of follow along with the speaky thing. The blarney. The Ebonics. But it doesn’t make me want to book a flight to Belfast.

Bugger! (as the bishop said to the choirboy) The pugs are eating my workout shoes. I must go dispense authority.

9:06 pm • Monday • February 25, 2013

@Benedick: Pfft. The Irish love you. Yu were great in Trainspotting, BTW.

9:15 pm • Monday • February 25, 2013

@CaptHowdy: Whoa. See? That’s why US soccer will never be European or Aussie soccer. Not enough hooligans outside of Philly.

12:12 am • Tuesday • February 26, 2013

@Benedick: The bangs almost cover her cleavage and sinful biceps. I kept screaming at the teevee for her to push the bangs back. Luckily thanks to being on the west coast we were able to switch over to Walking Dead 30 seconds later and missed the rest of the oscars.

2:22 am • Tuesday • February 26, 2013

@CaptHowdy: The foreground is the Dolby Theatre stage — she’s projected on a hanging screen. I would have cropped it closer, but the original is really tiny, and the enlargement is blurry enough as it is.

2:33 am • Wednesday • February 27, 2013

@Benedick: I always get those two confused…

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