These Untied States

Psychology Today did a state-by-state analysis of Craigslist “Missed Connection” posts and compiled a handy guide to where the missed connections occur most frequently. Who would have thought Wal-Mart was ground zero for cruising?

LA Fitness in Arizona?

[Psychology Today: Final Analysis]

Maybe WalMart should devote an aisle to cheap hookups.

@Dodgerblue: They’re all outsourced to Asia.

Oh, wait. That still works.

@nojo: You rascal.

Kudos to the gays. Srsly. Upstanding, men. Given our percentage of the population – alright I know if you watch TV or cruise the web it seems like it’s around 99% but so far we’ve only managed to convert around 3-4% . Unless you’re talking San Diego. Then sure it’s 99% given the sailor/birk demo- I think we’re holding up our end pretty well. Men being men. Riding the joystick. Banging everything in sight the way God intended.

The lesbian 1%… was that clocked at Home Depot?

@Benedick: the sailor/birk demo

That covers 100% of my parents’ kids.

@nojo: Have I told you lately how much I love you?

@Benedick: During his time, NojoBro was a geek on the Nimitz. I think the captain needed somebody to send his emails.

I’m trying to figure out how Indiana is missing connections “at home.” And I’m impressed my home state of SC rose above the Walmart level. Haha NC, you think you’re soooooo superior, but you’re cruising Walmart just like MS.

“The car” makes sense for Georgia at least in Atlanta’s case, but for the rest of the state? Walmart like the rest of ’em.

@rptrcub: Do they have CL outside of ATL? That might be why “the car” won.

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