Forget Oklahoma, Texas Wins the Crazy

at least this many commies are hiding in my sock drawer“It seems everyone is calling Republican Senator Ted Cruz the new McCarthy. He’s got a list of Commies and he’s not afraid of innuendo. He’s a wanna-be McCarthy, harkening back to the good old days when Republican paranoia took hold of a nation. There’s not one “new McCarthy” in the GOP, but rather a party of new McCarthys. This is an important distinction, and speaks to the inevitable extinction of the party if they don’t do something soon.” [Politicus]


it is just a matter of time until he is caught porking a undocumented mexican busboy. or some such.
I think the party is extinct. but like the old dinosaur joke their brains are so small this just dont know it yet. its fun to watch O set them up like bowling pins for 2014.

Strange… Ted Cruz for Preznit?

But wait!

From his wiki page: Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where his parents, Eleanor Darragh and Rafael Cruz, were working in the oil business.

Birf certificate!!

@ManchuCandidate: Preznit of Texas, yes. All of his blathering is for the benefit of the locals. There’s a long line waiting for Rick Perry to self-deport from office.

@ManchuCandidate: If the locals knew better, they’d know the similarities between Alberta and Texas, i.e., steers and oil. But paranoid McCarthyism is really all he needs to lasso in the Bubbas.

Alberta was the breeding ground for a lot of current wingnut bullshit. It’s not exactly one of Canada City’s best imports. It’s like Nickelback. Many of us are ashamed it came from here and don’t want to acknowledge that fact.

@ManchuCandidate: It’s like Nickelback.

Just when Canada was done apologizing for Bryan Adams…

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