CNN, a Bastion of Poop Ships?

People who live in shithouses…


fair enough
I just want to see when they called FOX a “bastion of Bush/Romney/Palin/Cain/et al advocates”

Kurtz- the dipshittery… the dipshittery.

FFS. I really thought that the sacking of Erick Erickson was the end of CNN’s desperate attempts to appeal to teabaggers – guess I was wrong.

@CaptHowdy: I realized something is wrong with me the first time I saw Hellraiser.

TJ/ Hey — I got an email from Tumblr and I didn’t know I had an account. I’m thinking phishing, or I might have been that drunk.

@Tommmcatt Can’t Believe He Ate The Whole Thing: Blogger for kids.

ADD: All the Denton minions started their own in like 2007 or something.

@JNOV: See, I don’t even know what blogger is. I’m hopelessly old and unhip. I am so unhip I can’t see over my pelvis.

I stole that from Douglas Adams, kinda. Don’t hate me because I’m lazy.

@Tommmcatt Can’t Believe He Ate The Whole Thing: See, I don’t even know what blogger is.

GeoCities for literates.

Shhhhh or ¡Andrew! might get ideas.

@Tommmcatt Can’t Believe He Ate The Whole Thing: The pillow fight was a bit much…

Bene wrestles BTW. So much more butch than pillow fights.

Seriously, I couldn’t stop looking. Oh, and I like how he’s playing other people or his internal dialogue himself.

@JNOV: I’m still plotting over the pillow fight. How can you not like a pillow fight? THEY ARE HALF-NAKED ASIAN BOYS.

I agree with you, though. The entire thing belongs in the Louvre, because art.

Gay sex in the Vatican? Who woulda thought?

@CaptHowdy: Then you need to click my link up there. You’ll thank me, trust me.

@CaptHowdy: Imma give the cause a like, and I hope your masterpiece sells for lots. I’d make sure I won that thing.

@CaptHowdy: You do agree that the pillow fight is over the top, right?

I wish I understood. I’m with noje. We can’t be expected to watch music videos. Unless Sarah Brightman’s involved. Or ABBA. Or Birks. The way God intended.


the top of what?

me thinks you miss the point. which is not surprising it being such a gay point and all

@CaptHowdy: I like the video. I think pillow fights are dumb. And, yes, I’ve bitten one.


yummie twinks in tightie whities having a pillow fight – dumb? sure. more please.

speaking of gay points I hope we are watching Spartacus. there has been some hair raising gay sex this season. and more homoerotica than you can shake a boner at.

@CaptHowdy: Psst. We’re supposed to be ganging up on ‘Catt fer chrissakes.

this is honestly more my taste.

call me maybe

no pillow fights. mortars.

this is what happens when you let gays in the military

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