“Ball and Chain” Remains Acceptable on Second Reference

Journalism has two mommies.husband, wife: Regardless of sexual orientation, husband or wife is acceptable in all references to individuals in any legally recognized marriage. Spouse or partner may be used if requested.” —New entry in AP Stylebook, following bitching about “couples or partners” for non-opposite-marriages. [BuzzFeed]


for gay men I suggest balls and chain

@CaptHowdy: +1

Rhyming slang for man and wife is ‘trouble and strife’ as in “Wotcher, guvner, that’s the trouble’n. Over there by the karsey tryin’ to stand up. Why fank you. I fink I could manage another pint, ta very much. You are a true gent. Beryl will take a Babycham. Cheers.”

So I’m thinking for the gay hub, following the Capt of Howdy’s lead, the rhyme could be ‘You’re not going to wear that, are you? I mean, it’s a party for Anna Wintour not the Beverly Hillbillies. Jesus God! Your mother was right. You are white trash. I don’t care if you did buy it at Tom Ford.’

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