Cruz Still Nuts; Rubio Still No Threat to Anyone But Himself

article-2277891-178BE248000005DC-465_306x406“Well, I can’t speak for “Democrats” or “the media” as a whole, but my own take on Rubio’s Republican Response to the State of the Union Address didn’t even mention the water bottle thing, and focused on how unoriginal his thinking was, particularly coming from someone receiving high hosannas as the Savior of the Republican Party. Far from being frightened by Rubio as some sort of “threat,” I’m puzzled that the guy keeps being compared to Ronald Reagan in terms of his communications skills.” [Political Animal]


I actualy think Reagan is not a bad comparison. he is just as vacuous and clueless and universally overrated by the media.

got the day off. which is good as long as I dont lose power and freeze to death in the ice storm.

that was hyperbole. I have a cute little wood stove so I wont freeze to death but the possibility of dying from boredom if I have to live without tv or internet for more than about 24 hours is very real.

Considering that many GOPers believe
a) Iraq was an awesome idea
b) W. was a gud preznit
c) Low Taxes = higher gubbiment revenue
d) deregulating everything is amazing
e) they’re the party of intelligent ideas

Not shocked.

@ManchuCandidate: “Voting in the US is a multiple choice exam in which all of the answers are wrong.”

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