One Nation Under Godwin

I know no-thing!Our guest columnist is totally sorry for comparing Karl Rove to a Nazi.

An email that was sent earlier today under the banner of Tea Party Patriots included an offensive image of Karl Rove. The image was obviously a photo shopped image of Mr. Rove, a well-known political figure. The image was selected in error from an extensive group of images available publicly online and was adjacent to the image that Tea Party Patriots approved for use. The email that included the image was not approved by Tea Party Patriots. Active Engagement, L.L.C. takes full responsibility for this error and is attempting to contact everyone who received the image to explain the error. More importantly, Active Engagement, L.L.C. apologizes to Mr. Rove for this mistake. Active Engagement, L.L.C. does not believe there is any place in political discourse for images such as these.

Tea Party Group Apologizes To Karl Rove [TPM]

Active Engagement, L.L.C. does not believe there is any place in political discourse for images such as these.

And certainly we have no comment on any images of our sitting president as modified to resemble any other world leaders, or association of certain potent political symbols and ideology with our sitting president.

I don’t think Active Engagement, L.L.C. got its name out there enough.

There’s no such thing as bad press.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:
1 diaper only because of Pete’s guilty votes in the Clinton Impeachment.

/social media virginity officially lost/

So I’ve gots myself one of them new-fangled online profile thingies. The site that I’m using–which, in keeping with the theme of this post, is worse than 1,000 turbo-Hitlers–sent out automated messages to pretty much everyone I’ve ever known since I was a phoetus. If you received one of the automated messages that I wasn’t able to catch, please forgive my unspeakably rude spamming. In any event, I’d love to (cough) connect… professionally!

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: domenici hooks up the teapublican’t way. while married, he fucked his best friends daughter who nobody else wanted to fuck. banged her up the only time they fucked. called the single mother raised child a mistake over, over, and over again. then campaigned for the next thirty years on the evils of single parenting.

@jwmcsame: Well, who hasn’t been there, really?

Let he who has not fucked their best friend’s daughter, knocked her up, and then spent a lifetime carrying out a hypocritical, deceitful, psychopathic career cast the first stone.

This also applies double to he who has been arrested for public masturbation and then demands that the cops allow him to finish before being carted off to the cooler.

@¡Andrew!: So I linked into a spambot, is that what you’re saying?

@¡Andrew!: Re your last paragraph, given my age and medical situation, I think the arrestee made the right call in not wanting to waste an erection.

@Dodgerblue: No, it’s me!

I wanted to send personalized invitations, but the thingy spammed a lotta people instead. Sorry.

@¡Andrew!: That truth is beginning to hit home here.

I am so praying to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that PBS will pick up this Norwegian show on firewood to fill the void of Downton Abbey being between seasons. I could totally see myself getting ridiculously high and watching eight hours of a fire being tended while old men opine on the long-festering question of “Bark up or bark down when stacking the wood?”

@SanFranLefty: did anybody see a murder of crows on PBS last night? a murder of crows is a flock of crows. crows are pretty cool if you can handle the racket. i’ve got blue jays but not many crows. i put peanut butter out on my front deck for them for a while. when i stopped one of the blue jays tried to peck my deck to death thinking if he pecked enough, the deck might start oozing peanut butter like a tree, i guess. they raise holy hell over peanut butter and raisins. one will announce to all that all the food is his right when he lands warning the others not to bother him while he is eating. i put the pistachios out for them that i cannot open with all the force i can muster. they crack them with one quick snap of the beak.

@JNOV: Ah yes. The douchapple doesn’t fall far from the douchetree.

@JNOV: i’ll wager that a.p. laxalt never served. but that’s not surprising. he sounds just like one of the many single childless males running around the dirty south decrying abortion rights.

@SanFranLefty: I wonder if they play that boring Beatles song on that program.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: domenici voted to impeach clinton because the founding fathers didn’t want willie being so slick on monica’s dress.
the kid was about 20 when domenici did so. the little laxalt lady threw her dress way but kept the kid. once she figured out what kinda scum that dress attracted, she probably burned it. how fucked up did she tell her dad she was when domenici fucked her?

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