If You Hoped to Go to Your Grave Without Seeing a Naked Self-Portrait of George W. Bush in the Shower, You’ve Just Failed

Audacious Hack Exposes Bush Family Pix, E-Mail [Smoking Gun]

who else was it is that couldn’t paint people either? and took it out on the rest of the world.

Thank gawd they didn’t include the painting of him flagellating himself with birch branches in a sauna.

Snowpocalypse is real.

Just spent 1 1/2 hours hacking away 2 1/2 feet of pack snow from the base of my driveway. Still not done.

@Jesuswalksinidaho: i’m waiting for the limited edition print of him playing with a chainsaw, drunk of course.

@ManchuCandidate: Back when I lived 6,000 feet above San Bernardino, driveway shoveling was a dreaded chore. Not because of the snowfall (which could be substantial), but if you didn’t finish before the snowtrucks cleared the street, you’d be stuck with an Impenetrable Ice Berm at the front of your driveway.

Meaning: If you hear those trucks at 11pm, get to work pronto.

Same here. The plowman that just filled in your driveway after you spent an hour clearing it is the most hated person in Canada City.

Where I am in Canada City, almost a decade ago we had an ice/snow storm in April (APRIL!) which left a 4ft wall of solid ice at the base of the driveway. I had to use a pick axe to chop it down. My neighbours thought I was crazy till they tried to dig through theirs.

@ManchuCandidate: During snowmageddon (early 2010) we had a week off work because Metro couldn’t run above ground. Not to minimize the damage megastorms cause, but couldn’t this one have hit a little further south?

I don’t think you want it.

I’m just done Snowpocalypse Part 2: The Shoveling. I finally cleared my motherfucking driveway. According to the weather person and my neighbour, it will keep snowing till 8-10pm. Sigh. On the plus side, it is a Canada City winter.

Snowpacalypse the Drinking!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!

I’m sitting here numb with the horror of trying to make it through The Gay Divorcee. Whoever told Astaire he could play comedy was not his friend. Ginge has actually had a couple of reasonably good scenes. I keep telling myself it’s 80 years old. I should hold up as well. If I can be as active as Catt at his age I’ll be happy. The Continental just lasted the better part of an hour.

Not that one’s entire life is about Big Gay. I was in an auto supply store this morning talking to a perfectly charming young woman with a ring through her nose. She changed my wiper blades. And I am grateful. Got home before the snow. I don’t do shoveling. It’s not in my contract. A nice man will come by around 5 tomorrow morning in a big truck with plough attached to clear the driveway down to the road.

Meanwhile: Call me Tito!!!!!!

@Benedick: I was in an auto supply store this morning


@ManchuCandidate: Yeah, but I live in an apartment building, walking distance from all the essentials. Bring it on, I say!

@ManchuCandidate: every time i have to shovel snow or chop firewood or downed trees, i think about what a great workout this sorta shit is and how in shape i could get by doing these things everyday. but then the sun comes out, the snow melts and the trees still stand. that’s when i say fuck all that strenuous shit.

@Benedick: The worst part of being sober is trying to remember how to fall asleep rather than pass out.

A healthy diet of wine, weed, Klonopin, and muscle relaxers will ensure that I never let that happen again.

@Benedick: Hey, Jerry Herman is selling his gorgeous West Hollywood condo. Let’s have a looksee: Hate the barren, industrial kitchen–jus’ cause it’s modern doesn’t mean it has to look like a damn morgue–but I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the panoramic view of Hell-LAy. This is show-tunes livin’ at its finest!

@¡Andrew!: He’s very sick. And I think he’s a marvel. I hold him in the same regard as I hold Berlin. There are very few Broadway anthems as good as The Best of Times. Also the title song from Hello Dolly –

I went away from the lights of fourteenth street,
and into my personal haze.
But now that I’m back
In the lights of fourteenth street,
Tomorrow will be better than the Good Old Days.

Hello, Dolly,
Well hello, Dolly…

OK, I’ll stop. Dazzling writing. Long may he reign. And for the record, Broadway old-timers all name Channing as Dolly as THE great perf of their lifetimes.

As to drank. Woo hoo. You know how you can tell you drank enough? When you wake up drank the next morning!!!!! Woo motherfucking hoo!!!! Bring it on my bra!!!! Color me shitfaced.

@nojo: This is what those who know me in the flesh – as the actress said to the bishop – all remark on. Invariably when I leave a room they all say “quelle butch.” As it happens, this morning I was wearing a very masculine tartan flannel shirt in tones of taupe and grey with an icelandic hand-knit cardigan in brown and black undyed wool that was complementary without being match-matchy. So yes. Butch is the word.

“I have an old game with the fucking bastards inside…”

I like this band, People In Planes.

If this song sounds familiar to Walking Dead Fans, it should.


@Benedick: We had some rain here in L.A. today, hail out in the Valley where I grew up. I went to a funeral on a green, windy hillside, a few snowflakes in the air, not hitting the ground. Fred was his name, helluva nice guy, Marfan Syndrome finally got him. I broke out the Black Bush tonight. It’s a fearsome brew.

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