Ess Eff’s Second Biggest News Story of the Week

Top story being the local football team playing a sport game tomorrow in New Orleans, assuming they can stop shooting off their mouths with homophobic comments.

Back in Ess Eff, we’re dealing with the folks who are pissed off that Board of Supes passed an ordinance banning public nudity except for certain events, and a federal judge threw out their challenge that alleged it violated their First Amendment rights. If there’s anything we do well in The City besides hella-good coffee and burritos, it’s protest outside City Hall.

Nude activists Gypsy Taub, George Davis, Trey Allen and Dany DeVero were detained and cited by police after they stripped down in front of City Hall on a mild and sunny afternoon. A handful of other nudity proponents, some topless, carried signs and hurled insults at the dozen police officers who led the full-frontal offenders away.


Allen, 30, had “War is obscene, not my body” written on his back. Before the police came, he drew cheers from the crowd when he escorted a blind woman up the steps.

“This might be my first citation!” he said excitedly. “I don’t do it to protest, just to enjoy the weather.”

[SF Chronicle: Nudists strip down to challenge nudity ban]
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