Let the Right-Wing Freakout Commence!

A black man with a gun! A black man with a gun!


@Benedick: Yes, sinister.
I’ve never actually shot skeet–though I went to several skeet shoots with my ex, who was a big gun enthusiast–but isn’t one usually aiming up at least a bit, rather than straight ahead? (I’ll defer to RML and IanJ on this.) What’s he really shooting at–young Republicans?

@Mistress Cynica: One can only hope.

@Bloggie: I’m on my Kindle and can’t see if there’s alt text, but if it’s not a certain quote from Blazing Saddles, I’m going to be very, very disappointed in you.

@flippin eck: didn’t even change the alt-text. Your suggestion?

@Benedick: Haha! Yeah. Five out the of the last seven confirmed Southpaws.

And Johnny Earle

Obama’s got a gun.
Obama’s got a gun.
Wingnut world’s come undone
Barry Derangement syndrome
What did their bladders do?
What did he put them through?
They said when Obama was shooting
they found their pants with stains
But man, they had it comin’ Now that Obama’s got a gun
They ain’t never gonna be the same.

If a bunch of black and brown guys show up at a gun show, watch their Second Amendment rights melt right away.

@ManchuCandidate: That’s one of my favorite songs.

Can’t wait to see him collect his last IOU.

@matador1015: +1

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