Death Panels Become Her

Title: “Beating Obamacare: Your Handbook for the New Healthcare Law”

Author: Betsy McCaughey

Rank: 20

Blurb: “Beating Obamacare is the essential consumer guide to understanding and preparing for one of the biggest changes about to take over Americans’ health care and family budgets.”

Review: “McCaughey is the nation’s expert on the topic.”

Customers Also Bought: “Atlas Shrugged” — both DVDs

Footnote: Sarah Palin gets credit for the line, but it was McCaughey who ginned up an anodyne detail about funding optional end-of-life counseling into mandatory euthanasia advice.

Somehow, this and her past membership on two medical-company boards aren’t included in the book’s publicity.

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A PhD in Constitutional History makes one an expert at finance and insurance? Deathsy Betsey indeed.

The money quote from her wiki page…

McCaughey recalled her parents’ difficulty in affording medical treatment, “my brother was a serious asthmatic as a child. I remember my parents sitting at the kitchen table wondering if they could afford to take [him] to the hospital.

Obama was sworn in today. So are they doing the public ceremony tomorrow on MLK Day just to rub his win in the faces of Pigfuckistan? If so, I like that.

An interview of Betsy in 2009 was the reason I stopped giving money to WNYC. Brian Lehrer was throwing softball after softball, failing to ask her about her thoroughly debunked Slate piece written during the Clinton health care debacle. I got on the website and left suggested questions in the comments for that hour’s blog post … which were deleted. Fuck WNYC.

@Dodgerblue: They’ve done the SUnday/Monday thing many times. It just happens to be a very special cosmic convergence that allows this one to take place on MLK Day.

@Mistress Cynica: Chief Justice Roberts screwed up the oath of office again by adding words — “so help me God” — that are not in the Constitutional oath.

@Dodgerblue: I would have forgiven a lot if he added “So say we all.”

@nojo: @nojo: +1

Hey, was Starbuck supposed to be Jesus or something?

@Mistress Cynica: Yes. I think they do the private swearing in when the 20th falls on a Sunday or something. Solemnity?

For her book tour, maybe she can go around the country and let everybody who can finally afford insurance shit on her face. I’m sure *they’d* enjoy it…

@JNOV: The Constitution of the United States, Article XX, Section 1. “The terms of the President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January . . .”

@Dodgerblue: Per Obama’s request, apparently. Best part: Sasha telling him afterward, “You didn’t mess up.”

@lynnlightfoot: I was leaving the gun counter at Wal-Mart yesterday morning on my way to get some dog food after a fruitless search for .22 LR ammo when I heard the clerk – a middle aged native northern New Mexico Hispanic guy – ranting about the inauguration being held on Jan 20.

“I don’t know why it’s so late”- fume, fume – “It seems to me that they used to do it five or six days after the election and I’ve been alive for 61 years.” The young guy trapped behind the counter with that guy grinned when I told him that the date was set as a matter of federal law and that it used to be in March back in the old timey days. Mr. Rant would have none of it and walked off. I was wondering whether if there’s some RW conspiracy theory about the 2013 date.

@redmanlaw: Or just say – hey, if s/he wins a second term, they’re in for the next 4 or so … would save us some money. No transition, no inauguration, so no worries.

@redmanlaw: I was in the UK when Tony Blair defeated John Major. He moved in to 10 Downing immediately. I remember thinking it was pretty hard core to have to run for reelection with your bags already packed.

A friend on the ground in DC just saw Kerry roll in. I hope they made the L for Loser sign for him. Had he won in 04/08, John Edwards might have been our Spiro Agnew for resigning under fire for reproducing with an alien, although he did beat the rap for misuse of campaign funds.

I got out of politics after Dean folded his tent and supported Kerry in 2004.

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