There’s No Business Like Gun Show Business

“At least two people were injured Saturday afternoon in an apparent accidental shooting at the gun show being held at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds… A witness told WRAL that a gun went off after being checked by an official at a safety check-in location.” [via @JC_Christian]


According to the Twitters, five people now injured at three separate “Gun Appreciation Day” events. We’ll just back off and let the Universe do God’s Work.

@nojo: my thoughts exactly … amazing more of them aren’t DOA at the ER or drooling in a wheelchair as they wait in line to vote for Louis Gohmert again.

Techie q. I have a Blu-Ray DVD player and a “smart” TV that connect to the net via Wifi when they are working. We’re talking Netflix here. Something happened recently such that both see my Wifi signal but neither will connect to the internet. I’m in the same room as the Blu-Ray player now, about to send this post via Wifi, so I know the router works. I unplugged and replugged everything, re-entered my Wifi password, all the usual Dummy troubleshooting stuff. Still zilch. Any suggestions?

@Dodgerblue: when you reboot, did you leave everything unplugged for more than a few seconds? Otherwise I got nuthin …

Are you all getting the NRA Business Alliance “The Business of Freedom” ad showing the studly guy with a little kid in his left arm and his holstered pistol on his right hip? I’m sure at least some of the people who were at the Gun Appreciation Day events thought they looked this cool.

@Dave H: Getting an ad about Chuck Hagel from some outfit calling themselves “Use Your Mandate”:




The punctuation is what makes it.

@Dave H: I’m getting an ad so I can run a criminal background check on myself and one for Pottery Barn.

In other news, 102 dudes showed up for Gun Inspection today by the War Chief’s Office at the Ancestral Homeland and no one was hurt, but that doesn’t fit the narrative.

@redmanlaw: Sure it fits. Your tribe consists of responsible firearms owners, not paranoid gun fetishists.

@nojo: Our gun ownership is hunting based. The community as a whole has a history of insularity as regards outside politics, but is solidly Democratic and has been for decades although we have had very good relations with a former Republican U.S, Senator, Pete Domenici (R-NM). There are almost no registered Republicans back home, therefore no right wing crazies. (Thank you for enjoying the scenic view to that point).

That is not to say that we don’t have an irresponsible or criminal element, but what I think prevents those guys from getting into the AR/AK thing is the cost. A really good bolt action rifle for deer or elk hunting is usually inherited or can be had new for $350-$500, and less if used. A legit purchase of an AK at a gun shop started at $450 last fall, and good ARs were $1000 up, which is well out of reach for guys who are by and large not very well paid if they are working at all. (The point is moot because none are available at that price anymore.)

Also, hollow point AK ammo suitable for big game hunting is hard to come by back home and the AR’s .223 caliber round is too small for deer, so there’s not much utility for them in our world. Handgun ownership is rare also, probably for reasons similar to the above (cost, lack of utility for big game hunting), although a fair number of guys have .22 pistols for squirrel and rabbit hunting, or for snakes out in the field.

Homicides in Indian country (an actual legal term) tend not to involve firearms. People are more frequently beaten to death, stabbed or struck with a weapon (i.e., 2009 murder at Zuni Pueblo in which the decedent was killed by an ax to the head.)

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