It’s Not What You Think


Wait till the Women of Congress 2014 Calendar comes out. That’s where the real Photoshopping will be.

In paragraph 4 it says “Some lawmakers stood around congratulating each another while the press quickly disbursed ….”

Does that mean the press sold out as usual?

I just had my first trip to a Bed Bath & Beyond store. Holy mother of aquisitiveness! I’ll bet that, if the Dalai Lama walked into one, he’d laugh his ass off.

@Dodgerblue: Thanks to an episode of The Simpsons, I now think of that store as being named Bloodbath & Beyond. Yeah, they pretty much sum up everything gross about capitalism and consumerism.

@Dodgerblue: I”d laugh too, but I’m busy enjoying my new $130 coffee grinder.

BREAKING HARD: ChicagoBureau just announced that all of that cheering in a Damascus theater is because Assad and Hugo Chavez just brokered an NHL labor deal.

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