Taunt Necessarily So

“Serious men don’t taunt.” —Peggy Noonan, former speechwriter to a President famous for saying “Make my day” regarding tax increases, and credited with writing “Read my lips” for another President regarding tax increases, complaining about President Obama’s statements on tax increases. [WSJ]


Such a delicate flower… I mean, crybaby.

Having been taken away for a couple of days to calm the fuck down reflect on the new year – 2013 – goodness, it’s Catt’s weight in Mayan – may I just take a moment before the batshit comes a callin’ to note the consistently high quality of our own dear noje’s wordplay. His seemingly limitless invention; his constant coinage of bad puns and illustrative alliteration*; just the very nojeness of noje.

Keep it up, big guy – as the actress said to the bishop – one of these days I’m gettin’ the red-eye and Imma gonna lick you all over.

*For those keeping score, this is an extremely fancy device: the quibble; not a pun; not a rhyme; not alliteration; but a device that bends and twists and was much used by the young Shakespeare in his homosexualist period…

Oh now wait, there are some nice young men here in white coats. They seem very strong. They want me to want me to go with them. One of them is Danish. His name is Janax.

@Benedick: the very nojeness of noje

And yet his mother somehow managed to survive his childhood.

@nojo: The same could be said of Mike Lee. And look where that got us.

@Benedick: Years — well, decades now — ago, when we were doing our zine/tabloid, we had an interview with John Callahan, the alcoholic quadriplegic alt-weekly cartoonist known for his very dark humor.

We spent an evening wrestling over a headline. Finally, I shamefully blurted out…

Tales From the Crip

We ran it. He loved it.

ADD: Oh, look! Hopkins posted it. The headline is me writing left-handed to get the right effect.

@nojo: I have nothing to say. Clearly you have not worked in musical theatre: you have not learned to care. This is making me think of Gypsy. In the end Mama Rose learned a valuable life lesson: the star gets the eleven o’ clock number.

Wow, that whole piece is ridiculous. At this point, GOP shills like Noonan seem to have reverted to schoolyard “NO U” they’re so full of projection.

“He is a uniquely polarizing figure. A moderate U.S. senator said the other day: ‘One thing not said enough is he is the most divisive president in modern history. He doesn’t just divide the Congress, he divides the country.’ The senator thinks Mr. Obama has ‘two whisperers in his head.’ “

The one thing that is “not said enough” is that the cause of the polarization & divisiveness attributed to President Obama is the overt & covert racism of a significant number of Americans. I suspect that “moderate” Senator is the one with the two voices in his head: the first voice says, “A n—–r is President and he wants revenge for what we’ve done to n—–s in the past”; the second voice says, “I’m not a racist for thinking that, you’re a racist for daring to point it out, and the n—–s are racist for wanting revenge.”

I would suspect when Peggy Noonan says “moderate Senator” she means someone just a little to the right of Mitch McConnell

@Benedick: Some years ago, my wife, kids and I saw the Bernadette Peters version in NYC. Bernie was suffering from a cold and was not in top form. Nonetheless, she signed autographs and posed for pictures for all who wanted same after the show, including my daughters, and could not have been more gracious.

@jaycubed: Bingo! Obama, like Bubba, is “polarizing” because wingnuts see great advantage in making him so, then blaming him for it.

Spoiler Alert: He’s really an Eisenhower Republican.

@nojo: Which places him just to the right of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin in our current political environment, at least the one portrayed by the oh-so-liberal media. In the politics outside the beltway he’s somewhere to the right of the center.

@Dodgerblue: Darling, heads up, signing autographs is not the same as nailing the audience’s scrotum to the ceiling. But she’s a very nice woman. I hear she got good. I saw Lansbury in London and she was terrible.

Every generation will have its own Mama Rose. How nice your daughters got a treat.

@Benedick: not the same as nailing the audience’s scrotum to the ceiling.

I thought you skipped the Spider-Man musical.

@Benedick: nailing the audience’s scrotum to the ceiling. I’ve never seen this glorious phrase in a review, and I feel worse off for it.

@Benedick: My scrotum is quite happy in its current location, thank you.

@Benedick: BTW, my hubby got me a beautiful, mint-condition Bri-tish coin set for Cri_mas to commemorate my recent visit to the island. Lovely… and a very impressive display of graphic design superiority. I wish we could have pretty munnies in the US.

Question: Why is Bri-tish munnie so big? The fifty pence coin is like the size of my head. And its seven-sided design has sparked more than one delicious conspiracy theory, I’ll bet.

@¡Andrew!: This is because the British (sic) are so stupid they can only be convinced by objects larger than Jude Law’s balls. Hence the current salutation of ‘Suck on it, Gov.’

Four Jude Law’s balls equals one Daniel Day Lewis Ocscar. Both together might gain you admittance to the Notting Hill Hugh Grant Lap Dance Rinpoche Madras Curry Centre. As per press release” If your mouth ain’t burn’t… we ain’t not very far from Sandringham. Pass the ketchup.’

@¡Andrew!: @¡Andrew!: Obama’s on the currency in the new Total Recall movie. The right wing blew a gasket over it, of course.


@redmanlaw: That reminds me of one of the most popular entries in the dollar rede$ign project. The idea is that our money is so outdated, fugly, and unrepresentative of the US today that redesigning it would be a renewed source of national pride.

For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why the image Obama on the dollar bill was so disturbing, until I realized that we Americans have a cultural aversion to having living people on our currency. In most of the rest of the English speaking world–Great Britain, Canada, and Australia, for example–the Queen is featured prominently.

Personally, this version of the redesign is my favorite, since it does a great job of bridging history and contemporary.

@¡Andrew!: I think it would be cool if Sitting Bull or someone like that was on the money.

@Benedick: I’m beginning to suspect that you feel the same way about Great Britain as I do about Texass.

@redmanlaw: They’ve minted a gorgeous Native American Series of the dollar coin in the last few years. I wish we saw more of these in circulation.

@¡Andrew!: They are definitely keeping it on the DL. Just another way to keep the Red Man down.

Fun fact: Glenna Glenacre of Lubbock TX, the artist for the Sacajawea dollar coin, also has a pad here in Santa Fe. I’m not sure, but I think her daughter the underwear model and her hubby are seen here sometimes.

@nojo: I thought that was “Crips.” SMH

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