Wonderful! So Let’s Start Our Second Term By Giving Away the Store.

“Eight weeks after the Nov. 6 presidential election, a revised vote count in New York shows that Barack Obama is the first president in more than five decades to win at least 51 percent of the vote twice.” [Bloomberg, via Political Wire]


I’m so thankful we didn’t have someone like Ralph Nader running around telling everyone to vote for him because there was no difference between Obama and Walnuts/Mittens. We can only imagine how different the first decade of the century would have been for the world without his meddling in 2000. A lot of dead people would probably still be alive.

@Dave H: And there’s the rub: There was a difference in 2000, and a significant one: The difference between a wingnut Republican and a center-right Democrat.

It’s not the choice I would have preferred, but it was the choice on the table, and no amount of Prog Harping would change it.

Fast-forward a dozen years, and here we are: Re-electing an ameliorist president because the alternative is unthinkable. Which it was, and remains.

Add to that structural issues: Gerrymandering that thwarts the popular will in House districts, a chickenshit Senate that won’t dump the filibuster, and (coming soon!) district-based electoral votes that just happen to favor Republicans.

I can argue with a clear conscience that your one vote in tens of millions counts for something. But I can’t keep arguing that when everything else is rigged. And everything else is rigged because everybody in politics benefits from it. Whether or not they happen to win a given election.

@Dave H: Gore won Florida–he would’ve been president if the Sue-preem KKKort hadn’t ordered them to stop counting ballots and issued their absurd decision. Let’s place the blame for this disastrous timeline exactly where it should be.

Hey — is the potato chip bowl tonight? I’m going to the gym to throw some iron around.

@Dodgerblue: Oregon leading 8-0 twelve seconds into the game. Sounds about right for the Ducks.

Mr. SFL should begin ecstasy.

@Walking Still: Ducks’ defense holds on 4th and 1.

Will their offense keep up with their defense and special teams?

@Dodgerblue: @Walking Still: Somebody save a screenshot of my luggage tags. I’m sure somebody will be waving one behind a cheerleader.

@Walking Still: He’s at the gym, I think he’s still pissed that the Ducks are in the Frito Bowl instead of the Rose Bowl.

@¡Andrew!: If Nader kept his nose out in 2000 there was no one-of-a-kind Supreme Court decision to be made. Sorry but he’s the catalyst for everything that turned Florida into a circus. Imagine a life without knowing who Kitty Harris is because the Shrub lost Florida by an unarguable margin.

Speaking of bowls and Florida, anybody see the UL Cards skin the Gators last night? Me neither except for the last five minutes, but I’ve heard about it all day on ESPN and the local news. Personally I thought Louisville was overmatched just like the odds-makers did.

31-10 Ducks! Just got home from the gym.

Wait. A 1-point safety? To the rulebook!

@Dave H: A sitting veep running on the record of a popular two-term prez should never have let it get that close.

Oh, wait. Al ran away from Bubba. Never mind.

They forgot to interview a Romney proxy claiming most of the votes for Obama were cast by islamofascists who were ferried to thousands of polling by Huey Newton on his UFO.

@Dave H: Caught it from the 3rd quarter on as I skipped the boring middle third of The Dark Knight Rises to tune Son of RML’s snowboard in the garage. Loved hearing an SEC team get spanked like that.

The kid “shredded some gnarly powder” up at the local ski area today. He and his boys build jumps on the top of the mountain below the radio towers and just hang up there all day. The doc will tell me tomorrow whether I fucked up my knee in a fall, and when/if I can ski again.

@Dave H: Too bad you were unable to watch the entire game – – basically, they dominated FL (you have been carded). However, could be the SEC was not what it used to be. FL coach Mushmouth was a great example of a loser. If FL had been willing to hire a minority head coach they would have had Charlie Strong + QB Bridgewater + his Florida homies receiving corps.
113th looks like deja vue all over again. I read today that Gérard Depardieu has found a new country offering tax relief. Putin signed off on his citizenship papers making him eligible for Russian’s flat rate tax of 13%. Wake up supply siders – here is your new residence.

Maybe Bammerz should focus on what’s really achievable over the next four years… like getting an ice cream machine in the West Wing cafeteria.

@BobCens: “Wake up, supply-siders – here is your new residence.” From your comment to their ears: let them emigrate in droves!

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