The Confluence of Michele Bachmann and Fortune Cookies

  • “At noon today, I introduced the first bill of the 113th Congress to repeal Obamacare in its entirety.” —in bed!!!
  • “As Americans counted down to 2013, they also counted down to five #Obamacare taxes that affect all income levels” —in bed!!!
  • “Heard senators only got legislative text 10 mins before 2am vote began. How many had enough time to print out bill let alone read it?” —in bed!!!

  • “In 2012, I brought Vikings and Packers fans together to build the St. Croix bridge, a project decades in the making.” —in bed!!!
  • “Excited that the Vikings made the playoffs. Congrats to the team and to Adrian Peterson for his incredible 2,000-yard season.” —in bed!!!
  • “RT @WSJopinion Phil Gramm: The Multiple Distortions of Wind Subsidies” —in bed!!!
  • “Congratulations to my friend and colleague @RepTimScott on being appointed to the U.S. Senate. I know you’ll continue to make SC proud.” —in bed!!!
  • “We had a wonderful time tonight at the St. Cloud Holly Ball” —in bed!!!
  • “Congratulations to my friend @JimDeMint for his new role at @Heritage. We’ll miss you in Congress, but look forward to your great work.” —in bed!!!
  • “R.I.P Judge Bork. A tribute to his life and legacy” —in bed!!!
@MicheleBachmann [Twitter, h/t Stinquer al2o3cr]

Image: Evil Fortune Cookies [ThinkGeek]


@ManchuCandidate: Only if Marcus closes his eyes and imagines Paul Ryan.


I thought Marcus was the corn dog eater.

Alors. In bed. Je ne comprends pas.

Of course she’s always in bed. Pols are always in bed with some entity or other. You’d think she wouldn’t want to draw attention to how corrupt she is.

@lynnlightfoot: If only Shelley could express her individuality by buying a Sleep Number bed instead of torturing us with her political career.

@Benedick: Go find an American adolescent and have him explain it to you.

@nojo: Hymnal-based version: “Jesus Loves the Little Children” – between the sheets.

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