We All Have Our Embarrassing New Year’s Resolutions


At this point, Bachmann should have to sign every tweet with “PS. I am not a crackpot”, like Grandpa Simpson. :)

Aw, Weepy McBoehner got re-elected as speaker. It’s gonna be another delightful few years.

Oompah Loompah’s the least worst choice.

@ManchuCandidate: @Serolf Divad: Right? Can you imagine if it had been Cantor? And while I’m all for sensitive men being free to cry, Weepy needs to get a grip. I know three-year-olds who cry less than he does.

@ManchuCandidate: That’s as may be. He seems to have a tenuous grip on his party, at best. Granted that wrangling Congresscritters is like herding cats on meth, it’s still disspiriting that he’s had so many moments of negotiation with Obama that end with it all falling apart because his fellow Republicans are petulant children.

@IanJ: The way I’m hearing it, anybody would have a tenuous grip, so why not keep sticking Boehner with the blame?

@nojo: Also, my new band Tenuous Grip is opening for Tenacious D.

At least leather face is open to a deal (even if it is a shitty one) rather than dance around in a circle while screaming “House on fire! House on fire!!”, er, “Low Taxes!!!”

The sad truth though is that it isn’t saying much.

@ManchuCandidate: I’m more worried about the deals Obama’s open to.

@Dodgerblue: You’d think the fact Shelley’s eyes move in opposite directions like an iguana would be off-putting enough for voters. Apparently not.

@nojo: All the tongue-talking, Koch-kissing, and snake-handling on the other side has managed to save Bammerz from himself. And FSM knows a four-year old could whip Harry Reid’s a$$ at poker. That said, I’m pretty pissed that someone like Nancy Pelosi, whose net worth is somewhere north of $50 million, is gonna be telling me that I get to enjoy catfood by candlelight thanks to upcoming reductions of benefits from the system I’ve paid into since I was 15 years old.

@¡Andrew!: I have a simple rule: Remove the income limit on the social-security tax, then come back and tell me what’s left to cut.

@¡Andrew!: Also, standard freelance rant: I’ve been paying both halves of social security/medicare for almost twenty years, because I’m both employer and employed. And because I’m an Army of One, I don’t have access to sweet group health-insurance rates.

You would think Our Exceptional Nation doesn’t want its citizens to work for themselves. And you would be right.

@nojo: Yeah. Isn’t it amazing how lifting the income cap on Social Security taxes is never even presented as a choice by the corporate supremacist media? After all, only every study ever done has shown that would make the system solvent into perpetuity.

Kinda like how dropping the age restriction on Medicare instantaneously solves the health “insurance” crisis.

Also, the English countryside looks nothing like Southern California.

@¡Andrew!: I was just watching an old (post-Sorkin) West Wing episode that “tackled” the social-security issue, ending up with an Obama-style “grand bargain” that gave away the store: higher qualifying age, semi-privatization. Until Evil Politics torpedoed it.

Mentioned only very briefly in passing: Raising the income cap.

Conventional Wisdom is a fucking bitch.

@nojo: Re: The map. That is so awesome!

I was merely making a Spy Who Shagged Me reference.

Though I’ve also been watching Freaks and Geeks, and noticing how Detroit, Michigan looks absolutely nothing like the San Fernando Valley.

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